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Intercom’s New VP Has The Blueprint For World Domination

Rex Biberston
Sep 14, 2021 11:56:29 AM

Growth Marketing Camp, Ep. 30

Intercom’s New VP Has The Blueprint For World Domination

Marcio Arnecke recently took on the role of VP Global Demand Generation & Regional Marketing at Intercom. He calls his childhood experience in Brazil a distinct advantage in his approach to growing the Intercom brand internationally. As he lays out the story of his first big campaign in his new role, you’ll hear how he focuses on conversions & revenue, not just top-of-funnel metrics. Bonus: He’s hiring a lot and might just be looking for you. Give this one a listen!

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Here's what you can expect on today's episode

  • 8:10 - Humanized conversations
  • 14:40 - Campaign KPIs you need to look for  
  • 21:20 - Campaign Lessons Learned

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