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Life at the Crossroads of Sales and Marketing

Jelena Djordjevic
Nov 9, 2021 9:50:43 AM

Growth Marketing Camp, Ep. 35

Life at the Crossroads of Sales and Marketing

You might call Taylor Thomson's background eclectic. At performance branding agency, WITHIN, it's been nothing short of electric. Graduating from Davidson College in Political Science, Economics, and Spanish, Taylor continued to upgrade his skills throughout his career. That came in handy when he joined WITHIN as their Director of Business Development and Revenue Operations.

He shares his unique career journey as well as the benefits his team’s seen from his ability to pick up on things quickly and put himself in the mind of the person he’s talking to. With his more than passing knowledge of so many industries and topics, he's been able to dig deep into customer pains and problems to really see the world through their eyes. Dig in!

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