Marketo + Opensense = A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

Amit Gupta
Apr 30, 2018 3:38:35 PM

If you’re at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit (#MKTGnation), stop by the Opensense Booth: check out our amazing new branding, pick up a cool new fan, and get a live demo of our seamless Marketo integration.

Customers such as Mulesoft and IPSwitch are leveraging the Opensense platform to drive automatic targeting and lead captures across multiple campaigns. They even have our email signatures integrated into many different systems such as Gmail, Salesloft and Marketo all at the same time - with a few simple clicks. It really is that easy!


Marketo + Opensense Integration

If you’re a Marketo customer and looking for ways to maximize your marketing automation, then Opensense is right for you.

With our integration, you can:

  • Automatically target email signature banner ads based on the recipient's segmentation in Marketo
  • Automatically capture leads who click on email signature banners back into Marketo
  • Add banners to Marketo email templates
  • Sync Marketo Landing pages so that your banner ads can easily link to them


Here are some of the key features:

Automatic Lead Capture - Don't lose another lead-to-form fill. Each recipient that clicks on a banner automatically gets captured into Marketo.

Office 365,Google, Outlook, iPhone+++ - Centrally manage email signatures on every email platform and device.

Highly Targeted, Personalized Banners - Make sure the right message shows up for the right recipient at the right time. Use Smart Campaigns to target highly relevant content in each signature.

Salesforce/Netsuite Integration - Extend Marketo content targeting and signatures into email templates of other systems.




You can find our LaunchPoint listing here.

Highly Targeted

Our integration with Marketo enables an administrator to run a workflow to dictate which banner a recipient receives. Workflows can be triggered based on a recipient’s activity on other digital properties, which is unique and valuable information that does not require any browser plugin to be installed.

Multi-Recipient Capability

Opensense also offers multi-recipient targeting capabilities. This is another unique feature to Opensense, and it means that multiple recipients on a single email can see specific content based on their segmentation. Again, any platform, any device, no browser plugin required.

Automatic Lead Creation and Activity Logging

Opensense has the unique ability (through our Frictionless Landing Pages) to automatically create a lead in Marketo for any recipient who clicks through a banner. If the contact already exists, Opensense will log the engagement activity to the existing lead record without requiring any additional actions from the user.

Any device, Any Platform - No Plugin Required

Opensense works seamlessly across any platform or device (e.g., Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, Thunderbird, Android, iPhone, etc.). There are no plugins required, which gives brands the flexibility and control over all your Marketo marketing campaigns.


If you are looking for a deep integration with Marketo that works across all devices and has true account-based targeting, let's talk!

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