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Opensense Listed on Salesforce AppExchange - #1 Email Signature Tool

Amit Gupta
Apr 24, 2018 2:10:00 PM

Getting listed on the Salesforce AppExchange is kind of a big deal. Like, a really big deal when you're working so closely with marketing and sales to drive demand, increase customer interactions, and boost sales performance.

After many months of going through business reviews and security reviews, we went live back in August - and could not have been prouder. You can see the listing here: Salesforce AppExchange listing (we are working to get the branding updated from SenderGen to Opensense - we are a Salesforce ISV Partner).

Again, thanks to our team and our customers who used our private Salesforce package and provided incredible feedback. We were told that the approval process for our app was one of the fastest ever done. We know this speedy process is directly due to our comprehensive security and compliance program.

Email Signature Management - For Sales People

Opensense has the most advanced email signature marketing and management offerings on the market. Of this, I am certain. We bring together a comprehensive suite of sales enablement capabilities to help sales leaders generate demand, better understand their customers, and close more business. The Opensense intelligent email signatures make sales people smarter - or at least help you to work smarter so you can have time to do some other things you love. We guarantee it!

Feel free to browse our feature comparison checklists at here and here.  Does the other email signature vendor offer this level of transparency?

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