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How Opensense Works

6 simple steps to harness the power of company-wide email signatures.

Solve the problem. Leverage the opportunity.

The Problem: As you're well aware, employees across your enterprise use different platforms and different devices. So how do you as a marketer, or as someone who is responsible for your brand ensure that when emails are sent, they are properly formatted to represent your brand with consistency per corporate guidelines? 

The Opportunity: On average, every employee sends about 34 emails per day, so for every 100 employees, your company is casting nearly 1 million emails (i.e., impressions) per year to valued customers and potential buyers. At an average click through rate (CTR) of 5%, it pays to place relevant content in the signature line of every email sent.  

Opensense is not a client-based application, rather, it's cloud-based for fast, efficient deployment and real-time signature updates — company-wide. Here's how it works:    

Signatures - Designer Studio Select.jpg

1. Take Control

Opensense Management Interface is client-free – cloud-based for rapid deployment. It's designed for ease of use and can be accessed by one or more appointed administrators; Marketing, HR, or, perhaps one per department within your organization. From here, you can solve brand compliance issues and execute campaigns.

Signatures - Designer Studio Select.jpg
Signatures - Designer Studio.jpg

2. Design Signatures

The Designer Studio is where all signature templates are built and stored. Opensense Signatures are composed in HTML, so if you can imagine it, you can create it. Here, you can also clone existing signatures for modification/use by specific senders, and even add a reply signature to reduce unnecessary repetition. 

Signatures - Push.jpg

3. Onboard Users

No matter which email platform, device, CRM or Marketing automation tool you are using (G Suite, Office 365, Salesforce, Hubspot, etc.), our patented plain text-based Signature Push functionality allows for your signature to be configured universally and received fully-formatted as produced in the Designer Studio.

Signatures - Push.jpg
Marketing - Banners.jpg

4. Promote Something

Run Campaigns using banners, documents, videos and/or images to promote or educate your recipients with every outgoing email. You can do this across your entire organization or by department or group without regard for devices or platformsBest of all, adding trackable content doesn't require IT or web developer support.  

Marketing - Banners.jpg

5. Schedule Content

Without user involvement, you can automatically queue up campaign banners, legal disclaimers and even custom links by day, week, month, or otherwise using the built-in Editorial Calendar. Just another powerful feature designed to keep email recipients informed at just the right time to coincide with sales and marketing plans.  

Marketing - Banners Calendar-1.jpg
Marketing - Banners Analytics.jpg

6. Gain Deep Insights

You can learn a lot from your organization's email performance. Not only who opened your email(s), but from where, on which devices, and whether or not your emails have been passed along to others within the organization. This data can be exported into your CRM or Marketing Automation tool for even better targeting and testing.

Additional Product Highlights

Signatures - Menu Dropdown.jpg

The Signatures Menu is where you will find tools to address the email signature problem; Consistency, signature variations, disclaimer placement, etc.

Signatures - Marketing Dropdown.jpg

The Marketing Menu is where you will find tools to leverage the email signature opportunity; Promotional content, social integration, etc.

Send - Outlook.jpg

When sending, the text data that's in the email signature will merge into the centrally managed signature created in the Design Studio. 

Receive - Outlook.jpg

Recipients only see the fully rendered signature with any banners, disclaimers, embedded graphics, attachments and/or social media icons.

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