Opensense + MarketoOpensense is a Marketo LaunchPoint Partner. Our deep integration with Marketo delivers precise account-based targeting across all devices. Here are some value-added benefits of using Opensense and Marketo together:

Syncing Pages

Opensense can sync landing pages from Marketo so that it’s easy to link your email signature banners to them.

Dynamic Targeting

Our integration with Marketo enables you to simply run a workflow to determine which banner a recipient receives. Workflows can even be triggered based on a recipient’s activity on other digital properties. 

Multiple Recipients

Opensense can accommodate multi-recipient targeting. For example, if I have 3 recipients in an email, depending on their segmentation, each recipient could see content uniquely targeted to them.


Opensense has the unique ability, through our Frictionless Landing Pages, to automatically create a lead in Marketo for any recipient who clicks through a banner. If the contact already exists, Opensense can log the engagement activity to the lead record. No forms to fill out that can cause loss of leads.

Any Device

Opensense extend all of these capabilities to any device. It doesn’t matter if it’s Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Android, iPhone, etc. No plugins means you can maximize the email signature channel, rather than being limited to only those devices for which a plugin has been developed. Other solutions rely on plugins, which inherently suppresses the potential of the email signature channel.