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The Cookieless Future is Coming: 4 Ways Top Marketers Are Preparing Today

The loss of third-party cookies will have a major impact on marketers.

Are you prepared?

While there are no clear cut solutions, there are some valuable things marketers can do to get ahead of these changes and use them to their advantage. That's why we teamed with Tugboat Logic to bring you a webinar where we break down how marketers can find opportunities in all the chaos. 

What You Will Learn

  • What a cookieless world means for marketers and advertisers
  • How to keep User Privacy, Security, and Compliance at the forefront of your marketing efforts
  • Beyond-the-cookie strategies that marketers can start utilizing to prepare themselves 

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Webinar Hosts


Rex Biberston

Director of Sales and Marketing at Opensense




Victor Lin

Director of Demand Gen at Tugboat Logic