About Us

We’re Opensense.

The smarter way to send email.

We help marketing, sales, and IT teams unlock the power of employee email to guard their brand and grow their funnel. Manage company-wide email signatures, launch email ad campaigns, uncover sales insights, and meet compliance needs -all within a single platform.

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We’re on a mission to help medium and large businesses around the world reimagine how email is used.

How It Started

Our journey starts with an Aha! Moment

Back in 2013, our CEO and Co-Founder received an email from a friend at Microsoft. The email was like every other email they read that day, except that this friend's email signature had an additional line that promoted a company job posting.

This minor addition resulted in the "aha moment" that sparked the question, "What else can we do to manipulate an email?" This question led to testing ideas from converting text automatically into hyperlinks, email trackers, custom document viewers, and highly customizable beautiful email signatures with ABM banners.

How It’s Going

From startup to scale-up

Over the next few years, we focussed on getting the product out into the wild. That meant getting technical feedback, iterating on feedback, and ultimately building a scalable product that sticks. Having an infrastructure product, rather than a web based app, meant we had to be incredibly calculated in production. That also means we’ve got to own up and be honest when it breaks because customer trust is not something we’re ever willing to break. This mindset is why we’ve got some of the biggest enterprise brands working with us today: Salesforce, Snowflake, Outreach, and the American Cancer Society are just a handful.

Each step in developing the product, owning the functionality, and building trust proves that Opensense was built on consistency in innovation. And we continue to help companies have complete control over their brand across the corporate email channel. We remove the barriers of human resistance and error, ensuring your brand is putting its best foot forward.

Our Manifesto

For those who choose to stand out from the crowd; You were never born to blend in. Instead, you go all in to create brilliant, personalized experiences that delight audiences and inspire engagement.

You understand that the strongest brands in history are the ones that are built over time because life’s a marathon, not a sprint. They’re built with ambition, discipline, repetition, and imagination. You understand that a brand is not without the people building it, the people selling it, and the people buying it. You use technology to enhance your brand experience, not distract. You are thoughtful and deliberate about every single touchpoint. Good enough is never enough.

How you show up matters just as much as when you show up — and so, no communication is too great or too small to impact your brand, leave a lasting impression, and deliver value.

Small interactions to check in with a colleague.

Big interactions to service your customers.

Every single interaction becomes an opportunity to reinforce your brand’s purpose, redefine your position, and reimagine each relationship built with trust, recognition, and quality.

Our Values

From San Francisco to Singapore, we're a fully remote team made up of extraordinary human beings from different walks of life but we all have a few things in common: Our core values. These values are not just things we believe in, they impact how we do our jobs, live our lives and engage with the world around us. Want to be a part of our story? We're hiring!


Our goal is to lead the way to email innovation and breakthroughs. The foundation of who we are has been built on creating value from scratch through innovative thinking. Good enough is never enough, so we are always looking to go the extra mile. Email has stayed the same over the years, but we layer on value through practical and reliable innovation.


Enterprise clients entrust us to be implemented on a server-side basis, and maintaining that trust and credibility is of utmost importance. We’re SOC2 compliant and have experts in email security to ensure we are offering the best product we can as leaders in the email compliance space. Our customer support team is built with honesty, reliability, and responsiveness at its core.


Relationships are important to us. We have genuine and deep care for our customers, our product, and for one another. We have a customer-first mindset, and our scalable approach to our product adds a layer of trust, value, and brand protection to every single email. These values are not just things that we believe in, they impact how we do our jobs, live our lives, and engage with the world around us.

What’s Next?

We’re shooting for the stars

Today, we're focusing on building Opensense into a platform that can align your team and amplify your brand: From Marketing to Compliance, prospects to existing accounts, and events to ABM, you have a chance to deliver a beautiful brand experience that is consistent, coordinated, and compliant –one email at a time.

We hope you'll join us on our journey: as a customer, as a member of our community; or as a part of our team. Either way, we’re glad you’re here.