Deliver targeted ads that put your employees (not algorithms) front and center.

Leverage employees and their relationships to promote company initiatives, deliver value, and amplify your brand.

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Capitalize on your best audience

Maximize value from the organic conversations happening every day to further your brand initiatives. Make every employee a brand builder, and every department a marketing asset.

Achieve your marketing goals

Amplify your brand; generate MQLs, distribute content; grow subscribers; promote events; upsell or cross-sell products in a channel with 4-7% CTR. Whatever your goals, the possibilities are endless.

Do more with your budget

For every 100 employees, your company sends nearly one million emails annually. That’s 1M+ free ad impressions you could be leveraging in a channel you already own. It's zero competition and doesn't require additional ad spend.

Dynamic Targeting

Get hyper-focused targeting for campaigns.

Leverage your CRM data and marketing automation platforms to slice and dice your email ad campaigns in creative ways.

Target campaigns by sender or recipient, language, location, role, lifecycle-stage, opportunity-stage, industry, goals and more.

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“Opensense email signature banners increased our ticket sales by 10%.” Increases Event Ticket Sales 10% with Opensense Email Signatures and Banners

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Design Pickle Uses Opensense Email Signature and Ad Banners to Manage their Brand and Grow their Business

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“We’ve seen at least 17 purchases from our signature alone.”

Why Cvent Switched to Opensense

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“Opensense works with all of our technology solutions, so we can launch multiple targeted campaigns across different groups and departments.”

Email Ad Banners Drive Near Immediate ROI With Clear Attribution

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“Whenever we put up banners around new partnerships or new product lines, we see great engagement.”

Deliver the right experience to the right audience every time.

Achieve marketing goals through objective-based banner advertising in employee email.

Turn recipients into registrants.

Compete for that coveted calendar slot and get more registrations without impacting your unsubscribe rate.

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Promote content to your most engaged crowd.

It takes time and effort to produce stellar content. Improve visibility and reach of your blog, eBooks, and videos in every send.

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Boost Revenue from Existing Customers

From awareness to decision, deliver relevant and timely ads that get your buyers across the finish line.

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Run targeted ABM campaigns at scale.

Run unlimited ABM campaigns at any given time. Customize each banner so that multiple personas within your target account see a different message and offer.

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Easy Setup

How it works.

Easy set up

Upload your banner creative, choose your audience targeting criteria, and go live in minutes.

Test which ads perform best

A/B test what creative and copy resonates with your audience for each campaign.

Real-time insights

Analytics help you determine which ad banners are engaged with the most.


We help you set up your environment so that Opensense works wherever your employees are.


We teach your team how to create & manage banner ads + track engagement.

Painless Process

An ad channel with zero heavy lifting.

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What are others saying about Opensense?

Read why the world's most advanced marketing & sales teams use Opensense as their preferred email signature, marketing, sales, and compliance solution.

"Opensense works with all of our technology solutions, so we can launch multiple targeted campaigns across different groups and departments – with very minimal effort. The simplicity of it can’t be overstated. Our sales team doesn't have to do anything. They can focus on selling, and we manage the signatures for them."

Christine Kelly

Marketing Technology and Automation
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“Opensense email signature banners increased out ticket sales by 10%. It was one of our highest ROI channels. And these are tickets that cost over $1,000,”

Lauren Alt

Manager of Demand Generation at Outreach
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“In my mind, the email signatures were there to enable our company to remain on-brand - but what I wasn't expecting was people to click and purchase. Since we’ve deployed the email ad campaigns, we’ve seen at least 17 purchases from our signature alone. That’s incredible.”

Kate Rooney

Brand Director at Design Pickle
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"Opensense can be as successful as you are willing to make it. The sky is the limit. You can achieve much more than you imagine if you are creative and agile. Our team alone found many different use cases - with ABM, events, video content, and content connected to the buyer's journey, to create noise, build buzz, and deliver value. You can make quick wins happen often."

Rosa Yoo

ABM Manager at Snowflake
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Deliver compelling, relevant offers in every email. Check out these tactical playbooks to see how you can leverage employee email to launch targeted campaigns, boost event registrations, and promote your latest content.

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