Deliver targeted ads that put your employees (not algorithms) front and center.

Leverage employees and their relationships to promote company initiatives, deliver value, and amplify your brand.

A mobile phone with personalized email ad benefits

Deliver the right experience to the right audience every time.

Achieve marketing goals through objective-based banner advertising in employee email.
Spread awareness about your products and services that would provide value to each recipient.
Deliver specific banners after trigger events like survey results to take advantage of momentum.
Easily ensure your banners match the primary language of the recipient.
Target the right audience bylifecycle stage, location, and more for any event.
Promote your new podcast or content to your most engaged crowd.

Take advantage of your new favorite ad channel
(with zero heavy lifting)

We’ll help you set up your  environment so that Opensense works wherever your employees are.
We provide examples of great signatures & email banner ad campaigns for your team's inspiration.
We teach your team how to create & manage email ad campaigns + track engagement.
Roll Out
With multiple roll out methods available, we make it dead simple to get Opensense on every employee email.

Integrates easily with the tools you depend on


Trusted by the world's most advanced marketing & sales teams

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"Easy to use and allows us to leverage the most-used channel of business communication: email. The Opensense support team is also incredibly responsive and helpful. We use Opensense to extend the reach of our content and event marketing efforts. The biggest value-add is that we see prospects engage with our content much earlier in the sales process as the content is served up right there in our email signatures."
Hollie F
Marketing Manager
"The best part is how easy Open Sense is to learn and how it has improved our organization's email banners. These email banners give off a polish, professional experience from all employees. We are able to send different email signature banners through different departments. This is very useful as we have three different lines of business and we can make things more targeted."
Sara M
Marketing Event Coordinator
"The marketing function itself allows you to easily upload banners and what I find really exciting is the reporting function and analysis that Opensense provides. This makes it easier to see what banners have been doing well, and contributing to the overall traffic on our website. It's easy to use, and working alongside the customer success team, you're guaranteed to get up and running in no time."
Eddie G
"Opensense has been very impactful to our events’ bottom line - not just increasing ticket sales but also by getting the right people to the events. Opensense email signature banners increased our ticket sales by 10%. It was one of our highest ROI channels. And these are tickets that cost over $1,000. Even the engineers asked if they could get Opensense. The Opensense platform was reliable, as well."
Lauren A
Manager, Demand Generation
"Opensense drives people towards our initiatives, our outreach, our ad campaigns and our websites. And it saves many hours of time we would otherwise have to spend distributing and installing signatures on staff smartphones and laptops. Opensense gives us the flexibility to meet our goals and the ease of use that makes manager signatures and banners simple."
Laura V
Director of Association Technology Services
"Integrations are great, but with the right technology partner and support systems, the business opportunities are elevated. Opensense works with all of our technology solutions, so we can launch multiple targeted campaigns across different groups and departments – with very minimal effort. The simplicity of it can’t be overstated. Our sales team doesn't have to do anything. They can focus on selling, and we manage the signatures for them."
Christine K
Communications Manager

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