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Security, Compliance & Data Protection

Your company's security and data privacy is our top priority. Learn how we're investing in global data protection frameworks, training and technology below.

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Security starts with trust

We know your data is sensitive. That’s why we combine enterprise-grade security features with regular audits to ensure that you’re always protected.


We ensure Opensense
meets industry-standard compliance.


We use industry best practices to ensure our infrastructure is kept up to date.


We ensure every
Opensense employee is
vetted, tested and trained.

App & Development

Our product is built with security and quality top of mind.



What are others saying about Opensense?

Read why the world's most advanced marketing & sales teams use Opensense as their preferred email signature, marketing, sales, and compliance solution.

“The scalability across devices and platforms is excellent. We always know that the person receiving our emails is getting the right signature and seeing a nice banner."

Laura Vinci

Director of Association Technology at NAR
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"We were already using an email signature solution but when it came time to renew, our team felt it might be best to find something better. We were firmly against plug-ins; we didn’t want our team to have to install or update anything; we definitely didn’t want to deal with any 3rd party software. This was the 2nd distinguishing factor for us choosing Opensense.”

Chuck Vanderberg

Office 365 Engineer at American Cancer Society
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“As a small marketing team of 4, we didn't have the bandwidth to chase down rogue email signatures. We'd have outdated links and campaigns, inconsistent branding, compromised logos; you name it. This was just not okay. Beyond that, we needed a flexible solution that could help us meet compliance standards across our team’s email, especially since we work with financial institutions, so data integrity with emails is critical.”

Mitch Woods

Senior Demand-Gen Specialist
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“The analytics and reporting capabilities that Opensense offered were major factors that influenced our decision to bring their technology into our marketing stack. In addition, the partnership role they provided throughout the evaluation process put a spotlight on their customer-first approach and illustrated how committed they were to our success."

Christine Kelly

Marketing Technology and Automation
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Get enterprise-grade security features with regular audits to ensure you’re always protected with Opensense.

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