Opensense Pricing Plans

Choose one of three pre-tailored plans to meet your unique business requirements.

Simple, straight forward pricing.

Whether you just want a controlled, standardized email signature across your entire business, or to build your pipeline via dynamically targeted ABM messaging, or all of the above plus deep analysis to help you fine-tune your business communications strategy, there's an Opensense pricing plan to meet your specific demands.  


[ For Everyone ]

Signatures and Disclaimers


Try it Free for 30 Days

Centralized Admin Control
Departmental Signatures
Initial Design Provided
Legal Disclaimers
Reply/Forward Templates
Ongoing New User Support
Custom Fields
30 Days FREE
* $50/Mo. Minimum
** Supports G Suite and Office 365 only.


[ For Marketing Pros ]

Run Email Signature Marketing Campaigns at Scale


Try it Free for 30 Days

> Everything in Signature <
Marketing Campaigns
 Department Level Signatures
Built-in 1:1 Targeting
Advanced Analytics
Built-In ABM
Initial Campaign Creation
* $125/Mo. Minimum
** Supports G Suite, Office 365, Outlook, and Exchange.


[ For Growth Pros ]

Marketing Automation & CRM 


Try it Free for 30 Days

> Everything in Pipeline <
Salesforce Signatures
Outreach/SalesLoft/Other drip tools
Automatic Lead Capture
Twitter & Custom Plugins
Video Analytics
* $125/Mo. Minimum
** Supports G Suite, Office 365, Outlook, and Exchange.   


[ For Sales Pros ]

Behavioral Tracking & Granular Video Analytics


Contact Us

> Everything in Complete <
Multi-Recipient Tracking
Mobile/Desktop Notifications
Enhanced Activity Feed
Salesforce Email Tracking
Youtube/Vimeo Time Tracking
Attachment Recording
Website Recording
Real-time email tracking
Salesforce Widgets

Call for pricing on large-scale, wide-area deployments.

Our "Engagement" plan pricing deserves our undivided attention. This plan is designed for businesses with more than 2,500+ employees.
Please call us toll-free at +1 866 673-6736 to discuss your big business requirements at your earliest convenience.

All plans include:

Custom Encrypted
White-Labeled URLs


Strict Transport Layer
Security Support


Image Bucket


White Glove

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