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More than just email signature software. Now there's one easy-to-use platform to manage your company email signatures, email ad campaigns, sales tracking, and compliance.  

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Beautiful Signatures

Ensure every employee's email signature is a perfect reflection of the brand you've worked so hard to build.

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Powerful Advertising

Drive better conversions to specific audiences with our highly-targeted dynamic banners and messaging.

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Real-time Insights

Give your sales team the power to read buyers' minds by tracking every open, click, and view, including video replays.

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Robust Compliance

Dynamically add the proper legal disclaimers to ensure your emails comply with regional, national, and state laws.

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Elevate the channel you already own

Drive the experience and empower your brand, marketing, sales, and compliance teams.

IT & Branding

Effortlessly enforce signature standards across hundreds or thousands of employees, perfectly. Control everything from a single dashboard including compliance checks.

Sales & Account Management

Track buyer engagement with every PDF, video, & web link you send down to the individual recipient. Tailor your follow up to match the buyer’s interest.

Growth & Event Marketing

Take advantage of the millions of everyday emails your company sends & drive more traffic to your best content and events.

Legal & Compliance

Optimize disclaimer and other compliance messaging with no heavy lifting including by sender or recipient country & language.

Customer Experience

Understand your customers through surveys to find out exactly what your customers are experiencing.

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Our customers love us.

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"I have been trying for years to get a consistent signature for all of our staff. There are always those that don't want to comply, however, now we have a way to push it! It's great for different departments, etc. Opensense staff has been amazing to work with. They coded what our signatures looked like for us, and we were able to deploy quickly."
Pam J
Marketing Director
"Tired of dealing with employees butchering email signatures, OpenSense is a simple solution. I enjoy that I no longer have to fear about email signature formatting across our entire company. Also, love how we can customize the email signatures based on our CRM information."
Greg P
Technical Project Manager
"We used Opensense as an easy and effective way to communicate our company rebrand. We have 3 companies coming together under 1 new brand and this solution allowed us to easily deploy new signatures to everyone in the organization instantly. The HubSpot integration allowed us to show different banner ads to different audiences so that we can more appropriately tailor the rebrand messaging."
Michael S
Director of Association Technology Services
"I like how customizable our signatures are as far as design and rules, but I would say my favorite thing about OpenSense is the top-notch customer service. We've tried other platforms and the customer service was the downfall. My Customer Service Associate is always quick to help me or answer any questions I might have. Also, he walks me through anything I need help with as far as changes in design or function."
Danielle A
Marketing Coordinator
"Opensense drives people towards our initiatives, our outreach, our ad campaigns and our websites. And it saves many hours of time we would otherwise have to spend distributing and installing signatures on staff smartphones and laptops. Opensense gives us the flexibility to meet our goals and the ease of use that makes manager signatures and banners simple."
Laura V
Director of Association Technology Services
"Integrations are great, but with the right technology partner and support systems, the business opportunities are elevated. Opensense works with all of our technology solutions, so we can launch multiple targeted campaigns across different groups and departments – with very minimal effort. The simplicity of it can’t be overstated. Our sales team doesn't have to do anything. They can focus on selling, and we manage the signatures for them."
Christine K
Communications Manager

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