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Beyond Email Signature Marketing

SenderGen is Now Opensense. Find out why.

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Transform your company email into an interactive digital media platform.

Opensense is more than just email signature marketing. We enable you to deliver brand-consistent messaging with recipient insights to help you fine tune and maximize responses from every email your employees send.


Brand Alignment

Regain brand control and consistency with centrally managed email signatures; Eliminate title alterations and mis-scaling the brand you've worked so hard to build.


Sales Efficiency

With roles-based messaging, you can customize your outbound email signatures by department, turning every employee into a salesperson.


Performance Predictability

It's easy to increase response rates by knowing which messaging resonates best with your prospects and customers.


Regulatory Compliance

Maintaining a consistent signature with appropriate disclaimer(s) for industry and regulatory compliance (e.g., GDPR) is critical to avoiding costly penalties.

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Real-Time Integrations with Everything

Your team is most productive when your entire workflow is in one place from start to finish. Our integrations automatically push and pull activity from your favorite systems straight into Opensense.

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"Opensense's products meet enterprise-grade implementation and integration standards. We are pleased to keep security on such a high level for our marketing initiatives."

George Kozlov
Sr. Director Engineering at

"I like how easy it is to tailor email signatures for different company team members. Whether in Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Tech Support, Customer Satisfaction, HR, there is a banner for you! And, everything is trackable."


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