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As a pioneer in email signature management, advertising, and compliance, we’ve streamlined the process for partners to unlock new revenue opportunities.

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Our partner programs ensure you and your customers are well-supported.

Build an additional revenue stream

Elevate your product portfolio  with the most integrated, innovative and flexible email signature solution in the market.

Deliver out-of-the-box email solutions

For mid-market to Enterprise, our seamless integrations with Office365 and Google Workspace elegantly and effortlessly address the email branding challenge.

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Partner with Opensense for top-tier corporate email solutions, backed by the most responsive US-based customer and partner support team.

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Our partner program is tailored for agencies and organizations serving mid-market and enterprise clients. These are the qualities we're specifically looking for:

Company Size
Mid-Market or Enterprise Clients

For companies boasting 250+ employees, our centrally managed email signature platform shines, delivering brand consistency and enhanced value.

Decision Markers
Head of IT or Marketing

Our email signature platform is valued by IT and Marketing leaders across various B2B industries, driving brand consistency and revenue growth.

Opensense Partnership Programs

Choose the path that fits your business and grow with us.
At Opensense, we believe that together, we can achieve more. We are dedicated to providing our partners with the necessary tools, support, and resources to succeed. We are committed to maintaining transparent, rewarding, and long-lasting relationships with our partners, ensuring mutual growth and success.

Partnership Program Benefits

Sales Enablement

Get access to demos,
product sheets, and sales playbooks that help you communicate the value of each offering.


Collaborate on revenue-driving sales and marketing initiatives like webinars, case studies, and more.

Revenue Opportunities

Grow your business by diversifying products with Opensense and cross-selling to existing customers.

Brand Exposure

Get featured on our partner directory, enhancing your
visibility to prospective

Let’s team up to bring the best corporate email experience to our shared networks. Choose the path that fits your business.
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Opensense Partners

Find new opportunities & revenue streams by joining the Opensense Partner Program. We'd love to learn more about your business to continue the conversation!

  • Resellers: Join us as a reseller and gain access to competitive margins, sales support, and marketing tools to drive your success.
  • Referrals: Refer Opensense to prospective customers and earn rewarding commissions.
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Technology Integrations

Technology partners align with our mission of inspiring, educating, and empowering companies to create a better email experience and optimizing our customers technology stacks.

  • Unlock New Growth: Amplify your brand and attract new business by featuring in our marketplace listing.
  • Deliver More Value: Integrate your platform with Opensense to help customers unlock more value from every email.
  • Enhanced UX: Improve user satisfaction and retention by offering our mutual customers your solutions via the Opensense platform.

Opensense Technology Marketplace

Opensense integrates with best-of-breed sales and marketing automation platforms, CRM and other third-party tools.

Inbox Integrations
Marketing Automation
Sales Productivity
CRM Integrations
Data Providers
Directory Services

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Become a partner and help us redefine email for mid-market and enterprise brands. Let’s fuel innovation, collaboration, and transformation in modern corporate email environments, together.

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Why Opensense

We’re on a mission to help mid-market and enterprise brands reimagine how email is used.  We help marketing, sales, and IT teams unlock the power of employee email to guard their brand and grow their funnel.

Manage company-wide email signatures, launch email ad campaigns, uncover sales insights, and meet compliance needs -all within a single platform.


Our goal is to lead the way to email innovation and breakthroughs. The foundation of who we are has been built on creating value from scratch through innovative thinking. Good enough is never enough, so we are always looking to go the extra mile. Email has stayed the same over the years, but we layer on value through practical and reliable innovation.


Enterprise clients entrust us to be implemented on a server-side basis, and maintaining that trust and credibility is of utmost importance. We’re SOC2 compliant and have experts in email security to ensure we are offering the best product we can as leaders in the email compliance space. Our customer support team is built with honesty, reliability, and responsiveness at its core.


Relationships are important to us. We have genuine and deep care for our customers, our product, and for one another. We have a customer-first mindset, and our scalable approach to our product adds a layer of trust, value, and brand protection to every single email. These values are not just things that we believe in, they impact how we do our jobs, live our lives, and engage with the world around us.

Let’s team up to bring the best corporate email experience to our shared networks.

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