A single email. Universal compliance.

Your enterprise has the data to make compliant decisions. Opensense is the bridge between them. Enforce real-time email compliance in accordance with regional, national, and state laws.

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Visibility & Oversight

On average, a 100 person company delivers up to 1 million emails a year. Regulators only need 1 bad email to crack down on your company. Know your risks and plan ahead.

Transparency & Trust

Customer attitudes to data privacy compliance are changing —and so is the law. Future-proof your email compliance standards for GDPR, CASL, CCPA, and more.

Enforce Policy & Control

Email compliance is a moving target. Reduce the regulatory risk of your enterprise through centrally managed email signature disclaimers and Adaptive-Compliant Email.

Compliant Decisions

All-in-one compliant email protection for enterprise businesses.

Your employees are sending email across industries and geographies. How confident are you that every single email is compliant with current and future privacy regulations including GDPR, CASL, CCPA, HIPAA, etc.?

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GDPR Statistics

Ensuring email compliance has never been more critical.

Beyond high fines and hefty penalties, failing to comply can have a negative media coverage, tarnish reputation, create a poor brand image, and lose market share to compliant competitors.

Reduce Regulatory Risks of Corporate Email

Protect Your Revenue

Avoid the costs of non-compliance by taking control of your inbox.

From Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace, mobile to desktop, the Opensense platform simplifies email compliance and disclaimer management for enterprise teams, across every email, every device, every time.

Compliance Visibility

Get visibility into the metrics that matter most.

Lack of visibility and oversight into corporate email leaves too much room for gaps in email compliance. Pull detailed compliance audit reports to easily identify the most at-risk domains in your organization and take preventive action.

Dynamic Disclaimers

Cover your bases with Dynamic Disclaimers.

Deliver an email experience that is accessible, easy to understand, and compliant with global email regulations. Opensense allows you to target your disclaimers by:

  • Sender-country
  • Recipient-country
  • Industry
  • Native Language
Compliance Visibility

Adaptive policy-based email compliance.

With the constant regulatory pressure to implement & monitor controls, compliance teams are left jumping through hoops — until now. Deliver your compliance policies and programs with little to no work from IT.

  • Control and reject non-compliant emails
  • Notify email senders of sensitive content
  • Block all intrusive trackers
  • Modify email contents or subject lines based on conditions
Leverage Enterprise Data

Drive privacy policies with data from any source.

Holy grails of data are rare. Opensense can leverage data from multiple sources in real time to enable you to curate and enforce the policies that make email more compliant.

Email Sent!

Send an email from any email client on any device.

Your Enterprise Data

Adhere to recipient jurisdictions and email preferences and set up marketing automation per recipient industries.


Elements in emails sent through Opensense adapt to recipient data and preferences.

Email Delivered!

Emails filter through Opensense to adapt to recipient data and then get delivered.
World Class Customer Service

Service that speaks for itself.


Enterprise-grade product

Backed by Bloomberg and built on ultra-redundant multi-cloud environment with fine-grain access and control.

Enterprise-grade support

24/7 US-based support (phone & email) with dedicated Customer Success Managers & technical contacts.

Enterprise-grade security

SOC2 compliant, independent security audits, McAfee Enterprise Ready certified, and AppExchange approved.


What are others saying about Opensense?

Read why the world's most advanced marketing & sales teams use Opensense as their preferred email signature, marketing, sales, and compliance solution.

“The scalability across devices and platforms is excellent. We always know that the person receiving our emails is getting the right signature and seeing a nice banner."

Laura Vinci

Director of Association Technology at NAR
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"We were already using an email signature solution but when it came time to renew, our team felt it might be best to find something better. We were firmly against plug-ins; we didn’t want our team to have to install or update anything; we definitely didn’t want to deal with any 3rd party software. This was the 2nd distinguishing factor for us choosing Opensense.”

Chuck Vanderberg

Office 365 Engineer at American Cancer Society
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“As a small marketing team of 4, we didn't have the bandwidth to chase down rogue email signatures. We'd have outdated links and campaigns, inconsistent branding, compromised logos; you name it. This was just not okay. Beyond that, we needed a flexible solution that could help us meet compliance standards across our team’s email, especially since we work with financial institutions, so data integrity with emails is critical.”

Mitch Woods

Senior Demand-Gen Specialist
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"I regularly review the banner dashboard. Everything I need is in there. I can see my ad, gauge how it looks, and quickly fix any issues. I can schedule the banners to go live for a certain timeframe, set up different UTMs, and use it to track the performance of campaigns."

Rosa Yoo

ABM Manager at Snowflake
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See how to easily enforce email compliance for your organization.

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