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From Challenge to Change: American Cancer Society Transitions to Opensense

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Email Signatures
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American Cancer Society



Employee email signatures moved over and centrally managed with Opensense


Company adoption & no-touch deployment with Opensense


Consistent Branding
across company email
customer support
to accomodate extremely complex data systems
3 Corporate Entities
serve 3 separate corporate entities

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According to Office 365 Engineer for ACS, Chuck Vanderberg, “We were already using an email signature solution but when it came time to renew, our team felt it might be best to find something better.” Spearheading the email signature project for ACS, Chuck says, “Our current system was good, but it wasn’t the best. That’s when we decided it was a good opportunity to re-evaluate our needs and find a solution that exceeds our needs rather than just continue with the vendor we were with.”

ACS’s previous signature solution was based overseas and as a result, getting a hold of the customer service representatives on a timely basis was always a challenge: Successfully communicating with them was an ongoing challenge and one that we were no longer willing to commit to again."


After meeting with the team at Opensense, ACS knew that the white-glove customer service was going to be extremely valuable. Chuck continues, “We are a fairly lean organization, and historically we’ve had to spend quite a bit of time working on signature re-designs ourselves. Opensense offered to design the signatures and worked hand in hand with us and our contacts at ACS to develop and launch them.”

The ACS team was looking to move and manage 3000+ employees email signatures and for that reason, they needed a solution that was robust but had virtually no endpoint footprint: “We were firmly against plug-ins; we didn’t want our team to have to install or update anything; we definitely didn’t want to deal with any 3rd party software. This was the 2nd distinguishing factor for us choosing Opensense,” Chuck asserts.

“The Opensense process and implementation team quickly provided ACS with a solution that met all of our requirements and needs.”
Chuck Vanderberg
Office 365 Engineer for ACS


Chuck and the IT team at ACS anticipated there to be some downtime while transitioning their team off of the previous signature solution and onto Opensense but were pleasantly surprised with the level of service they received from Opensense Customer Success and Implementation team: “Our environment was complex and we had to do some trial and error, but the Opensense team tackled it; and Joe, in particular, our Implementation Manager was very responsive throughout the whole process.”

The IT team at ACS wasn’t the only one to notice the positive changes in the new signature solution. According to Chuck, the rest of the team at ACS also noticed the change.  Chuck continues, “Anytime you change the end-user environment, people are going to notice and call the service desk. We did get a few of those calls after we switched to Opensense but when we’d share some of the things they could now do with their signature, the team was very happy. Visually, they noticed that it just looked better, and functionally they appreciated that they could make customizations based on the controls we had set up like removing their phone number on a given email or being able to add preferred pronouns if they chose.”

With Opensense implemented across the ACS team, it has quickly become a crucial part of ACS’s brand presence and a solid win for the IT team at ACS: “The Opensense process and implementation team quickly provided ACS with a solution that met all of our requirements and needs.”

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