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How Baker Hill Used Opensense to Standardize Company-wide Email Signatures

Financial Services
Mid Size
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White-Glove Onboarding

The Opensense customer success and implementation team worked quickly and smoothly, attentive to all Baker Hills’ needs, and provided seamless, white-glove onboarding.

Total Compliance

Since Baker Hill works with financial institutions, data integrity with emails is critical. Opensense understood the importance of it and helped Baker Hill meet compliance standards across their company email.


Consistent Branding
across team email signatures
A Flexible Tool
with seamless user administration
Simple, Centralized Management
of signatures and email ad campaigns
Exceptional and Reliable
customer support
Customizable Tool
with an option to add additional fields like pronouns
Automated Disclaimers
on every email

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As a growing business that services the needs of leading financial institutions across the United States, the Baker Hill marketing team was looking for a flexible and robust centrally managed email signature solution. Having worked with a previous vendor in the email signature space, the Baker Hill team was hesitant to begin their search but had a list of requirements that helped them narrow their search fairly quickly. Mitch Woods, Senior Demand-Gen Specialist, shares, “we did not have a good experience with the previous solution - overall, the support was not there, and the system was lacking. We explored other vendors and ruled them out pretty quickly. Opensense just checked all the boxes. The team was great to work with upfront. We were impressed with how intuitive the tool was.”


Mitch was on the hunt for a solution that could fulfill their branding, email compliance, and marketing needs, "as a small marketing team of 4, we didn't have the bandwidth to chase down rogue email signatures. We'd have outdated links and campaigns, inconsistent branding, compromised logos; you name it. This was just not okay. Beyond that, we needed a flexible solution that could help us meet compliance standards across our team’s email, especially since we work with financial institutions, so data integrity with emails is critical." 

The Baker Hill team quickly realized that the Opensense email signature and marketing solution was right for them. Mitch shares his experience after working with the Opensense customer success and implementation team, "The process was just so quick and smooth - the team was very attentive to our needs and helped keep everything seamless. We were running with no issues shortly after our projected launch date." After deploying Opensense, all outdated Baker Hill team email signatures were deleted and replaced with new and improved email signatures. Mitch continues, "Initially, I had a shadow of skepticism that the tool may experience issues simply because the banks and credit unions who we email have strict security tools in place that may block images and banners. But the analytics dashboard showed me that our banners displayed and received engagement." 

Unlike other plugin-based email signature tools, Opensense is the only server-side solution deployed across all email clients, platforms, and devices. Customers can have the peace of mind that their email signature data is reflected accurately and beautifully across their emails.

“Overall, we're thrilled with the product, service, and support we have received from the Opensense team.”
Mitch Woods
Senior Demand-Gen Specialist at Baker Hill


Beyond brand standardization and email compliance, Mitch uses Opensense to promote awards, events, and content, "our team has a ton of fun designing the banners and reviewing the results of our campaigns. Overall, we're thrilled with the product, service, and support we have received from the Opensense team."

Check out some examples of the email ad banner campaigns Baker Hill ran this year.

Indy-Star Banner:

Live 44 Days
Group: Company-wide
Impressions: 19,252
Advanced Clicks: 1049

Bankers Start Your Engines:

Live 142 Days 
Group: Company-wide
Impressions: 50,575
Advanced Clicks: 4736

Lap the competition with Baker Hill NextGen:

Live 128 Days
Group: Customer-facing teams 
Impressions: 20,369
Advanced Clicks: 1440

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