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Design Pickle Uses Opensense Email Signature and Ad Banners to Manage their Brand and Grow their Business


About Design Pickle

 Design Pickle is the leading creative enablement platform, offering flat-rate graphic design, custom illustrations, and presentation design.  It is a simple, scalable, and reliable solution for any entrepreneur, agency, or marketing team. From social media ads and blog graphics to t-shirt designs and even car wraps, Design Pickle has completed over 1,000,000 creative requests, helping thousands of businesses across the globe scale their creative content.

Headquarter: Scottsdale, Arizona
Founded: 2015
Employees 75
Industry: Creative services company
Email Environment: G Suite



As the Brand Director of Design Pickle, it was Kate Rooney’s job to manage the global design strategy of the company across every single customer touchpoint. With most communication happening through 1:1 email, their team email signatures had a vital role to play. In addition, as a creative design company, their visual brand experience matters a lot. 

As their company continued to scale and grow, Kate spent almost 5% of her day-to-day building out custom HTML coded email signatures for their fast-growing team. Even then, inconsistencies in each email signature were typical. She says: “I was so bogged down by signature management that it was becoming a huge problem for me. Our team went from 15 to 60 people very quickly, and at that point, I knew that we needed a solution that could help me manage everyone from a single source.”


  • Consistent branding across team email signatures
  • Simple, centralized management of signatures and banners
  • Properly rendered email ad banners to promote latest promotions
  • Detailed Analytics to calculate ROI of email ad banners
  • Reasonable pricing and flexible plans to support different teams
  • Responsive and reliable customer support


When assessing different email signature management vendors, she knew they needed a centrally managed email signature solution that could accommodate their team's G-Suite environment, which brought them to Opensense. Kate shares: “I was shopping on G2 and comparing different companies in a spreadsheet with my top requirements; I made a price comparison, and Opensense was the company that just kept sticking out. I was looking for a dynamic tool that could automatically push out my design to our employees’ email signatures.” 

Opensense’s tracking and analytics capability was another factor that Kate hadn’t considered prior but was very impressed by; She shares: “It’s something I wasn’t initially looking for at the time but today it's become such a pivotal factor for us and our campaigns.” 

Once Kate and the Design Pickle team began moving onto Opensense, she describes her experience as “effortless.” She continues:

“The Opensense team has got to be some of the nicest and loveliest people I’ve ever worked with in my career. Everyone feels like family. They make it clear that they have got your back and support you every step of the way, even providing detailed documentation to help make things easier. That’s exactly how I knew I made the right choice.”


Today, Design Pickle uses Opensense’s targeted email ad banners to proactively communicate with their customers, launch promotional campaigns, collect reviews and market their upcoming events and webinars. Kate shares, “We segment out several different campaigns where sometimes only sales have a particular type of banner and marketing is running a separate initiative. I set timelines for all of our banners so they can automatically turn on and turn off without me having to do it manually. It’s awesome.”

The Design Pickle team has also come to love their email signatures:  “Our team loves how the email signatures look, and I love the ability to keep everyone's signatures so consistent; it’s so invaluable to the company and me personally. Before Opensense, the CEO would email me and notice an employee's signature was off or missing something. It was getting increasingly difficult to manage. Now, I don’t have to worry about that.”

Kate was also pleasantly surprised when prospects and customers interacted with the email ad banners. She says,

“In my mind, the email signatures were there to enable our company to remain on-brand - but what I wasn't expecting was people to click and purchase. Since we’ve deployed the email ad banners, we’ve seen at least 17 purchases from our signature alone. That’s incredible.”

  • Incredible Analytics- Opensense platform offers robust analytics and reporting on email ad banners.

  • Beautiful Signatures - Branded signatures that customers and the Design Pickle team loved.
  • Easy Management - Painless and seamless setup and management of email signatures.

  • Excellent Customer Support - Reliable and timely support from Opensense Support team.

“In my mind, the email signatures were there to enable our company to remain on-brand - but what I wasn't expecting was people to click and purchase. Since we’ve deployed the email ad banners, we’ve seen at least 17 purchases from our signature alone. That’s incredible.”

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Kate Rooney
Brand Director, Design Pickle

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