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NetPress Wins Prospects, Grows Events with Email Signatures and Banners 

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About NetPress

NetPress Business Solutions is a marketing, sales and customer service technology solutions provider located in Ottobrun, Germany. NetPress is a HubSpot Platinum Certified Partner and serves a wide range of customers from small businesses to multinationals such as BASF and Dell with technology and services for inbound marketing, lead generation, content marketing, and sales automation. Signature


The NetPress team was making a name for itself as top-notch marketing automation and HubSpot experts. Large brands, such as BASF and Dell, had come to the company for help implementing full-stack marketing technology and automation solutions. To broadcast the NetPress brand, company CEO Achim Karpf wanted his team to look professional, with beautiful email signatures and signature banners to market events and programs. Says Karpf, “Everybody who is sending emails has a signature. It’s one of the best ways to distribute information.”

Adding signatures and banners manually to each employee's signature was slow . “It was painful to get everyone on the team to update their signatures,” says Karpf. This also limited the flexibility of NetPress in swapping out signature banners to market events or product offerings.


  • Beautiful email signatures for employees and contractors

  • Centralized, server-based signature or banner updates-nothing manual

  • Email marketing banners to promote events

  • Full integration with Office 365

  • Full HubSpot integration to leverage CRM and campaign capabilities


NetPress was using Office 365 for email and had recipients using Gmail and other email clients so NetPress' signatures had to look beautiful on any device and any platform. Karpf wanted signatures and banners that could be centrally controlled and would come out of NetPress’ email server. Clunky plug-ins that don't work on mobile were not interesting to him. “The signatures and banners had to work on mobile. So many of our clients and potential customers read their emails there,” says Karpf. Ideally, as well, any email signature and email banner solution would be integrated with HubSpot so Karpf could automate lead management and record all user interactions with emails, attachments and signature banners in his HubSpot CRM.

NetPress initially installed a competing product due to its emphasis on Office 365 but found the tool to be hard to use and overly complicated. The competing product also was not integrated with HubSpot. NetPress learned about Opensense and opted for a 30-day free trial to test it out. The difference was like night and day. Says Karpf, “The support team got us up and running within a week and was very helpful. Opensense was easy to use and quite powerful.”


What was complicated and painful with manual signatures or other competing products became simple on Opensense. “We found it was easy to create and standardize signatures. We could even create the signature designs ourselves. Setting up new users was fast,” says Karpf, who noted that the central control and deployment of signatures meant that his team no longer needed to think about manual installations. This saved the team hours of wasted time each month. Banners were likewise simpler, allowing NetPress to get creative without spending a lot of time on overhead and management of their email real estate. “We now have banners that we switch all the time,” says Karpf. “You can easily run campaigns for special topics and get results quickly because people engage with the banners and the content.”

NetPress has also used the banners to drive attendance at the HubSpot User Group it runs in Munich and also has won new customers through banners featuring its “HubSpot Health Check” promotional offering. The banners are eye-catching, easy to create and drive considerable engagement for NetPress. “We have seen real results from the banners. People come to the HubSpot user group meetings after they see them. Attendance has gone up,” says Karpf. “We like Opensense so much we are planning to offer it to our clients this year. It’s a wonderful platform.”

  • Major reduction in time spent managing signatures - several hours per week

  • Easy deployment over Office 365 for the entire NetPress team

  • Increase in event attendance due to colorful, dynamic signature banner promotions 

  • Increase in clicks on distributed content and participation in promotional offers

  • Easy integration with HubSpot to fully leverage email signatures as a campaign channel
Increased Lead Volume
Increased attendance
Increased Prospect Engagement
“We have seen real results from the banners. People come to the HubSpot user group meetings after they see them. Attendance has gone up. We like Opensense so much we are planning to offer it to our clients this year. It’s a wonderful platform.” 
Achim B.C. Karpf

Achim Karpf
CEO, NetPress Business Solutions

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