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One Medical Passport Standardized Email, Drove Growth with Banners


About One Medical Passport

One Medical Passport (1MP) makes software solutions for Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) that handle pre-admission, patient engagement, digital charting and documents, and collaborative scheduling. The company serves hundreds of ASCs around the United States, providing service to tens of thousands of patients per year. 


The Problem

In the summer of 2019, 1MP launched a new brand and website to improve engagement and sales. The marketing team began to notice inconsistencies in email signatures - unauthorized quotes, emojis and other off-brand elements. Some employees were not using the new branding. This led to an inconsistent brand experience that made One Medical Passport appear less professional. “We were trying to attract large contracts and sign Master Services Agreements. Every single group inside our company had a different signature. It was not good,” says Jackie Clark, Marketing Manager at 1MP.

The marketing team tried to distribute and update signatures for dozens of employees by hand. This was time consuming and cumbersome, costing hours of time per week and never achieving full compliance. “We knew we needed a standardized solution to tackle this ongoing problem,” says Melissa Gal, Director of Marketing.

The Goal

  • Created a new lead channel
  • Drives major traffic to blog
  • No IT support required
  • Uniform, beautiful signatures
  • Central management of all signatures and banners
  • Full Hubspot integration
  • Works on mobile - Office365, Gmail, iPhone, Android
  • Works on both Outlook and Gmail

The Challenge

Feeling hopeless, she began looking at email signature management solutions. At the HubSpot Inbound Conference, the 1MP marketing team spoke to Opensense. They learned that Opensense placed on-brand signatures and logos at the email server level.

This empowers centralized management of all signatures, ensuring that every email meets brand standards. Modifications to signatures are centrally distributed. The 1MP team also saw how Opensense dynamic email signature banners could be an owned advertising channel to increase engagement. Opensense was natively integrated with Hubspot, so 1MP could easily track this new marketing channel. In short, the 1MP team wanted:

  • The right branding and logo on every email
  • Engaging email signature banners
  • Support for both G Suite and Office365
  • Simple Integration with Hubspot

The Result

1MP onboarded with Opensense in two weeks, rolling out email signatures and banners to the entire company. “The customer support team was wonderful. They were patient and gave me everything I needed,” says Jackie Clark, Marketing Assistant. The results of the signatures and banners were immediate. 1MP employees and management noticed that all signatures now looked crisp and professional. The banners were driving traffic.

“We really pushed a new blog post on our first signature banner and we saw a solid bump in traffic,” says Gal. Confident in their choice of Opensense, 1MP expanded their efforts. Sales reps began requesting banners for campaigns and to drive people to their booth at events.

1MP has attributed a significant volume of leads and demos to the banners. Because 1MP was sending out millions of emails per year, the banners gave them reach and coverage equivalent to tens of thousands of dollars in paid advertising. 1MP even created funny internal banners to thank employees for coming to a company meeting.

This came without significant overhead and stress, thanks to the Opensense customer success team. "Having the service agreement was like adding someone to our team to work on that specific channel.,” says Clark. “We love working with Opensense. The ease of use and value are exceptional."

“Our email signatures look great, thanks to Opensense. And their signature banners are producing solid leads and demos every month. It’s a channel we never thought about.” 

Jackie Clark, Marketing Manager
One Medical Passport

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