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Opensense for the Entire Company

Bring transparency and insight to company-wide email communication. 

The reality of signatures.

Most companies DO NOT enforce email signatures. In fact, they almost always allow employees to sign-off however they wish. Some companies provide guidelines, but leave it up to the employee to play by the rules – or not. Moreover, we almost always lean on IT Support to set up email signatures, but that doesn’t prevent employees from modifying their loosely guarded signature standards.   

Protect Your Brand

Reclaim your brand.

Let's face it. Your company's email signature is a mess. With Opensense, you'll never have to send out an email to your entire company asking them to update their signature template, or to include mention of a new promotion. Get 100% compliance with a single click across 100 people or 10,000 people. 

Reclaim Your Brand
Wear Your Signature

Wear your signature.

Your corporate email signature is like your team uniform. Make it consistent. Make it professional. Sprinkle on some content and promotions. With Opensense, you're not just limited to a single company-wide signature. You can easily segment departments or employees into groups and assign them different signatures with uniquely tailored messaging to boost responses. 

Do the Math

Do the math.

Research shows that more than 260 billion emails are sent and received each day. That equates to an average of 40 emails being sent per employee, per day. If your company has 1,500 employees, that's a lot of opportunity. In fact, it's about 60,000 opportunities to share your brand value, customer commitment, and promotional messages per day using Opensense.   

250 billion emails are sent and received each day

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