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Email Ad Banners Drive Near Immediate ROI With Clear Attribution

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About Wheel Pros

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Wheel Pros is a leading designer, marketer, and distributor of branded aftermarket wheels and is a distributor of performance tires and accessories. The Canadian division of Wheel Pros has had much success with Opensense.



Wheel Pros struggled with inconsistent branding across thousands of their team’s email signatures. Managing hundreds of incorrect logos, fonts, and branding was a daily struggle, “it looked ridiculous and was a nightmare to manage. We reached out to our IT department with a branded signature template and requested them to apply that style across the board. To our dismay, we were told it was not going to work,” says Robert Todd, Digital Asset Manager of Wheel Pros.


  • Consistent branding across team email
  • Simple, centralized management of signatures and banners
  • Properly rendered email ad banners to promote latest line of products
  • Simple user-administration
  • Analytics on email ad banners
  • Uniform signatures on Gmail, Outlook and Apple Mail
  • Responsive and reliable customer support


While searching, the marketing team happened upon Opensense and started the process of getting branded signatures consistent across the board. It was a seamless and painless experience. During this time, Robert also learned about Opensense’s marketing capabilities. He explains, “once the signatures were getting sorted out, we learned about the ad banners. Given the number of emails our team sends and receives daily, this was something we were most excited about. 


Today, Wheel Pros has consistent branding across its thousands of employees. The marketing teams use the banners to promote new product releases, announcements, and other campaigns, “over the last three months, we’ve had record sales in our company, Opensense is a part of that success. Opensense banners have helped get sales and marketing on the same page. Whenever we put up banners around new partnerships or new product lines, we see great engagement - impressions and clicks. It’s something we can rely on to just work. That kind of control is what we’ve been looking for. Having banners in the email help keep Wheel Pros top of mind, regardless of whether customers click on them. Some of our banners have blown up. 

The feedback from the Wheel Pros teams has also been tremendous. The Canadian division of Wheel Pros, in particular, has seen much success. Robert explains, “the Toronto team had a recent win where a customer clicked on the email ad banner and from there, bought two sets of wheels. In total, that’s eight wheels! That alone paid for six months of banners! If we can sell one set of wheels, we’ve already seen the ROI from Opensense.”

By using Opensense email signatures and ad banners, Robert has had not only had the opportunity to see the value of everyday email as an ad channel but also helped control the brand of Wheel Pros and its 300+ employees.

  • Fast launch - Email signatures and banners rolled out quickly and smoothly to the WheelPros team.

  • Beautiful Signatures - Branded signatures that customers and the WheelPros team loved.
  • Easy Management - Painless and seamless set up and management of email signatures

  • Excellent Customer Support - Reliable and timely support from Opensense Support team
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I am 100% stoked with Opensense. From a marketing function, it’s great and I wish we had it a long time ago. A single email with the banner accounted for a customer purchasing 4 Sets of new WheelPros wheels. Deals like that pay for Opensense pretty quick and it means less work for our team. It’s a no-brainer in my opinion. People love it. It’s easy to use.  


Robert Todd
Digitial Asset Manager, WheelPros

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