Apply the power and scale of HubSpot CRM to employee emails.

The HubSpot + Opensense integration helps marketers amplify their brand, deliver personalized and targeted ads, and maintain compliance in employee email.

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Connect employee email to your HubSpot platform

With the Opensense + HubSpot Integration, you get the best of both worlds: Beautiful and consistent email signatures across every single email sent from HubSpot SalesHub and HubSpot Email Sequences and targeted email ad campaigns that leverage contact data straight from your HubSpot CRM.

Opensense integration benefits

Hyper-target your audience at scale

Leverage contact data from HubSpot CRM and ensure every recipient on an email thread sees the perfect banner for them. Target banner content by region, language, industry, vertical, recipient role, or lifecycle stage. Ask us about our ABM capabilities! ‍
Hyper-target your audience at scaleSet up signature workflows and enrollment triggers

Set up signature workflows and enrollment triggers

Automatically enroll contacts into workflows or set up enrollment triggers based on engagement data. Deliver specific banners like a request to complete G2 review to happy customers after trigger events like a high NPS score to take advantage of customer momentum. The possibilities are endless.

Incredible email engagement signals

Get a complete view of how recipients engage with your emails Track email opens, link clicks, document views/downloads, video views, and banner clicks across every email sent from HubSpot Email Sequences or HubSpot Sales hub. If multiple recipients are on a single thread, narrow down the exact recipient who interacted with your email.
Incredible email engagement signalsMaintain compliance in every email

Maintain compliance in every email

Maintain the regulatory standards across every single email sent from HubSpot Sales Hub and HubSpot Sequences. Use HubSpot contact record data to tailor email signature disclaimer language based on the recipient country, remove trackers based on consent, and more.
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