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Opensense for the IT Department

Standardizing email signatures and editing promotional messaging isn't what IT people (should) do.

No IT support required.

Your IT Desktop support team has more important things to do. And if your company has hundreds or thousands of users, chances are your IT team won't have the time to address the email signature problem that plagues virtually every business. With Opensense, you can defer the deployment of email signatures and campaign management to Marketing where it belongs.

Got You Covered

Got you covered.

Now that you've put Marketing "behind the wheel" to implement and manage email signatures, you're probably assuming that they'll be calling upon you for technical assistance. In addition to having designed Opensense for ease of use, we've also designated our support team to provide phone-based assistance free of charge – any time you (or they) need it.

Got You Covered
Opensense is a cloud based email signature

No client software.

Opensense is a cloud (SaaS) based email signature solution, so there's no software to install or local storage required – ever. Updates and upgrades are included in your subscription-based licensing that is designed for little to no IT department interaction.

Compatible with Everything

Compatible with everything*.

Opensense automatically appends signatures on emails sent from any mobile device via your Office 365, Exchange or G Suite client. Opensense is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows mobile devices too, and even when these devices leave the environment, there's no branding issues to worry about. Mobile email signatures are managed centrally requiring no individual device setup.

*Most everything.

Compatible with Everything

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