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Opensense vs Sigstr

Questions to ask before buying Sigstr

Sigstr may claim it has the same features as Opensense. We urge you to drill down and know exactly what you are buying.  Here are some  questions to ask:

  • Do I need to install a Sigstr Outlook or Chrome plugin for targeting?
    • See 4 reasons why plugins fail
    • More specifically, plugin products like Sigstr don't work on desktop / native email clients like Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook. That means your banners and signatures will be stripped from emails for as much as 50% of your recipients.
    • Opensense does not require plugins to be installed.
  • Is Sigstr ONE actually a Sigstr product? 
  • How long does it take for Sigstr to apply security patches to problems with the Rocketseed product (Sigstr ONE)?
    • Because Sigstr does not control the code base, it cannot quickly apply security patches to Sigstr ONE. Sigstr depends entirely on Rocketseed for security patches.
  • Is Sigstr ONE SOC 2 Compliant?
    • Sigstr says they are SOC2 compliant. You should ask them to confirm if it actually covers Sigstr ONE.
  • How reliable is Sigstr ONE?
    • A number of customers have come to us from Sigstr after suffering severe outages and unreliable email signature and signature banner service. If you plan to purchase this service, we would recommend you ask for specific uptime guarantees and SLAs. 
Key Features
Per 100/users Per 50/users
Gmail Web Central Update
Gmail Mobile Central Update
Apple Mail Central Update
iPhone Mail Central Update
Android Mail Central Update
Real-Time Compliance Audit
Natural Language Search
Real-Time Conditional attributes
Departmental Signatures
Internal Recipient Targeting
  requires plugin
External Recipient Targeting
  requires plugin
Rapid Parallel Push (Gmail)
SalesforceIQ Template Update
Salesforce ABM
Salesforce Signature Support
Salesforce AppExchange Portal
Cirrus Insight Templates
Whitepaper Analytics
YouTube/Vimeo Analytics
White Labeled URLs
Encrypted White Labeled URLs
Outlook Support
  requires plugin
Auto Lead Capturing
Banner Ads
Text Ads


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