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Veristor Highlights New Brand and Builds a Promotional Channel with Opensense Signatures + Banners


About Veristor

Veristor is an Atlanta-based leading provider of transformative business technology providing their customers deep expertise in today’s most advanced data center, security, networking, hybrid cloud, and big data technologies and guiding businesses to the right solutions for their most pressing challenges.

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During the spring of 2018, Veristor launched its new brand to bring a fresh new look to the organization. As a key component to the launch, they wanted a uniform and professional email signature. Prior to the new brand, Veristor employees were not consistent in the formatting or font of their email signatures. The refreshed branding included a new logo that the organization wanted to highlight, new fonts, and brand colors. “We didn’t have an easy way to provide a uniform brand experience in email signatures,” says Wendy Goins, Director of Marketing at Veristor. Goins also wanted to have an easier way for her team to implement a consistent template tailored to each department and the flexibility to showcase banners based on activity or regional market.

Branding was part of a broader marketing expansion to step up promotion of regional events, conference appearances, podcast series, content highlights, and much more. Veristor turned to Opensense for a new promotional channel to further increase market share and lead generation. Email signature banners were viewed to be a no-risk and potentially high-ROI promotional strategy that mapped perfectly to the rebranding.


  • Professional and appealing email signatures to promote their new brand
  • Flexibility and ease-of-use by administration
  • Uniform signatures to include new brand, fonts, and logos
  • A low-cost, high-ROI marketing channel to promote podcasts, content, and events
  • Responsive and reliable customer support


Veristor was able to implement Opensense quickly and get the marketing team up and running in a matter of weeks. After the initial internal champion for Opensense left Veristor, the marketing team continued to embrace Opensense and see its value. “We were able to collaborate with our IT team on its functionality, and we quickly realized how simple and powerful this tool really was,” says Sydney Horvath, Senior Marketing Manager at Veristor.

The email signatures drew a positive response from the company’s sales team for making correspondence look more professional and engaging. “We started implementing Opensense for our regional event series and it just adds credibility above the standard sales dinner,” says Horvath.


Everyone noticed the more polished look and praised the new email signatures and banner engagement. “They like the look and feel of the banners. It’s clean and professional,” says Goins. Veristor is increasing banner usage to deliver differentiated messaging and technical content. The marketing team is building detailed analytics capabilities for signature banners to determine best practices. “We view it as another online media channel,” says Goins. The Opensense support team responds within hours whenever the Veristor team has a question. Further, the Opensense platform has proven reliable and strong, delivering on its promise.

The email signatures delivered via Opensense render consistently and beautifully on all major platforms including iOS, Android, Gmail, Outlook, and Apple Mail. “We don’t spend a lot of time managing Opensense, it just works for us,” says Horvath. As Veristor continues to grow, the company plans to expand use of Opensense. “We’ve been very happy with the Opensense platform thus far, but excited to see how far we can take it,” states Goins. “It’s more of a must-have tool nowadays.”


  • Fast launch - Email signatures and banners rolled out quickly and smoothly to Veristor employees.

  • Beautiful Signatures - Eye-catching, on-brand signatures that customers and Veristor employees loved.
  • Easy Management - ease of set up and management of email signatures

  • No Risk, High-ROI Channel - Converted email a high-growth channel for promoting events, content and campaigns.

 “Our signatures look great and Opensense is driving meaningful traffic to our marketing initiatives.”


Wendy Goins
Director of Marketing, 

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