A Perfect Match: Scrappy ABM Plays That Win Top Accounts

The best marketing is not just about casting a wide net; it's about building authentic and meaningful relationships.

Building relationships is the heart of ABM.

In this webinar with Opensense, Scrappy ABM, Rollworks, and Sendoso, we break down the most creative, compelling and scrappy ABM plays you could deploy to help your prospects feel the love - ultimately allowing you to secure your top accounts. The beauty of it all? You don’t need grand gestures or an expensive budget to implement a full funnel, multi-channel ABM program. All you need is a proof of concept - that’s where we can help.

Discover top ABM tools and how you can use them to:

  • Build a scrappy ABM approach to generate leads, win back lost deals, and expand current customers (without big budgets).
  • Uncover simple, non traditional methods that build a solid ABM foundation.
  • Generate memorable experiences that propel the entire organization forward.

Watch now and spark strategies that will help you charm your accounts and find your perfect match. 💘

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