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Xink Competitor & Alternative

The Opensense difference 

  • WARNING:  Xink does not seem to have either an ISO27001 or a SOC2 certification of their own.  They mention Microsoft Azure has an ISO27001 which does not imply Xink does.
  • You'll find some key differences between Opensense and Xink in the comparison matrix below. Notably, Opensense has pre-built integrations with industry leading CRM and Marketing Automation tools for dynamically updating signature messaging and/or campaign banners to recipients based on segmentation
  • Xink has a handful of different solutions that span server side re-routing, email client plugins and API-based access. 
Key Features
SOC2 Compliant
US Headquarters & Support
Gmail Web Central Update
Gmail Mobile Central Update
Apple Mail Central Update
iPhone Mail Central Update
Android Mail Central Update
Real-time Compliance Audit
Natural Language Search
Real-time Conditional attributes
Departmental Signatures
Internal Recipient Targeting
External Recipient Targeting
Rapid Parallel Push (Gmail)
SalesforceIQ Template Update
Salesforce ABM
Salesforce Signature Support
  not AppExchange approved
Salesforce AppExchange Portal
Cirrus Insight Templates
Whitepaper Analytics
YouTube/Vimeo Analytics
White labeled URLs
Encrypted White Labeled URLs
Outlook Support
  requires plugin
Auto Lead Capturing
Banner Ads
Text Ads

 * Note 11/19/18: The Xink team has reached out with concerns about our table having inaccurate information.  We have updated some items as well as marked some as "Unknown" that we can not validate ourselves. We would encourage you to request a demo of their platform to confirm for yourselves.

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