C3 Metrics Accelerates Deal Closes by 28% with Opensense

March 22, 2019

The Company: C3 Metrics is a technology company providing independent advertising measurement across all traditional and digital advertising channels delivering the greatest impact for the next advertising dollar spent. On average, companies using C3 Metrics see: 44% increase in return on advertising dollar investment (ROI) and 30% increase in advertising budgets. Customers include most of the world’s largest advertising agencies, servicing the leading consumer and technology brands. Built by marketing technologists, C3 Metrics is backed by the former CEO of Nielsen.

“When you’re moving through a sales process, it’s integral to know when to push and when to step back. Opensense lets our sales team see prospects open email, view attachments and even how many pages they read or how many minutes of a video they watch. It even works for multi-recipient emails. Our sales team thinks Opensense is the most amazing sales tool in the world.” - Jeff Greenfield, COO and Co-Founder, C3 Metrics

Challenge: A Uniform Signature Brand Presence, Sales Analytics On Email Interactions

C3 Metrics had a number of challenges surrounding the sales process and email and their COO Jeff Greenfield wanted the team to all have the same professional branding on their signatures. The team used Microsoft Outlook Web App for email communications and between Account Executives (AE) and their Sales Development Representatives (SDR) team, C3 Metrics was sending over 3,000 emails each day, leading to wide exposure in its target industry of advertising and media. “You need to look professional at the beginning of the sales process and you need uniformity across teams,” says Greenfield. “Our sales process consists of conversations across five or more people in an organization. Having that continuity across an enterprise sales process makes a huge difference.”

Aside from creating unified branding and a more professional impression, Greenfield wanted to gain deeper insights into what was happening to the team’s sales email after they hit prospects’ inboxes for deals that were in the middle or lower half of the funnel. C3 Metrics sells a complex enterprise SaaS product that requires sign-off from multiple team members and department heads before a customer can come aboard. Interactions with email are a key sign of engagement. Says Greenfield, “When you are moving through a sales process, it’s integral to know when to push and when to step back.”

In short, C3 Metrics wanted:

● Uniform email signatures that were easy to manage looked professional

● Cross-device signature functionality across mobile and desktop

● A no-plug-in architecture so sales reps didn’t need to manage installs

● Detailed email analytics for how prospects were interacting with emails

Searching for Solutions

Greenfield began searching for email signature management tools online. The email signature tools Greenfield found in the Microsoft Office store relied on plug-in architectures that would not work on mobile devices, in particular on iOS email clients. Further, the plug-in architectures were difficult to install and tend to trigger spam and malware warnings that poisoned the sales interactions. A number of other solutions that Greenfield looked at appeared too cheap to be real. He discovered they too were plug-in style solutions. When Greenfield looked at server-based solutions, they were too costly and required significant IT overhead.

Greenfield read an endorsement of Opensense posted by a marketing executive on LinkedIn. “I went to the website and it looked like Opensense could solve our signature issues, no problem,” recalled Greenfield. He contacted Opensense and asked for a demo of the signature management solution. The Opensense team set C3 Metrics up for a trial to test out unified email signature templates and signature blocks for their entire team, with everything automatically generated at the server level.

Greenfield then received a demo of Opensense Sales Insights and Analytics. Sales Insights and Analytics is a one of a kind, patent-pending technology that allows sales teams to receive real-time analytics and tracking of interactions by simply attaching a PDF, PPT, Doc file, or even a video link to a regular email. Unlike other sales analytics tools, Opensense Sales Insights and Analytics requires zero changes in normal sales behavior and tracks actions of each recipient on a multi-recipient email.

"Blown Away" by Opensense's Capabilities

“I was blown away,” says Greenfield. “Not only could you track when a prospect opens an email but on what device, where they were in the world and on what email software.” Greenfield loved that the C3 Metrics sales team could track when prospects opened an attachment or viewed a video, how much time they spent, and what parts of the content they interacted with. “We could see their actions in real-time, get an instant replay video of how they interacted with attachments and videos, and whether they forwarded them. It’s incredibly powerful.”

Greenfield saw how Opensense Sales Insights and Analytics would lead the way for his sales team to more intelligently engage with prospects and close more deals. Greenfield signed up C3 Metrics right after he received the demo.

Results for C3 Metrics

The C3 Metrics’ sales team quickly embraced Opensense and began achieving immediate results. For signature management and brand projection, the Opensense signature management and branding solution worked great. “It took 15 minutes to set up. It was quick, painless and gave the team beautiful emails automatically. We have been using it ever since and we love it,” says Greenfield, who notes that he loves that it works so well on Office365 and across all devices including iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows.

What killed it for Greenfield away, however, was the Opensense Sales Insights and Analytics solution. “When you send out a proposal and are able to see one person open it and then the next day you’re seeing all 5 people cc’ed opening the email and clicking on the attachment, that’s a great buying signal for sales which we never had before Opensense,” says Greenfield. “The data that Opensense provides - not only that an email was opened but by whom, where, on what device and what was read, is vital to any sales process.” Greenfield recalls an instance where a prospect opened an email and viewed an attachment on a Sunday morning. The AE was notified on his phone and sent a quick text asking if the prospect had questions. “He replied and asked to hop on quick call, even though it was the weekend. Without Opensense, the AE would have been in the dark.” says Greenfield

With Opensense, the C3 Metrics sales team has been able to reduce the time required to close a major deal by 28%, on average. “That equates to more revenue and a greater number of deals each year. It’s huge,” says Greenfield. Prospect engagement with emails has increased by roughly 31% due to the ability of the C3 Metrics team to identify the perfect time to contact and warm-up prospect accounts.

With Opensense, C3 Metrics was able to:

  • Accelerates deal close times by 28%
  • Boosted prospect engagement with emails and sales materials by 31%
  • Tracks and provides email analytics for every recipient on a multi-recipient email
  • Set up in 15 minutes with minimal IT requirements
  • Delivers a uniform professional email to all senders
  • Does not require a plug-in

 Says Greenfield, “High-velocity sales and account-based marketing is all about qualitative engagement and Opensense makes it much easier for us to deliver the highest quality engagement to interact with prospects at the right time and in the right context. We couldn’t live without Opensense.”

Check out the Case Study here.

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