Case Study: EDF Renewables Replaces Ad Spend, Drives Webinar Signups with Opensense Email Signatures + Banners

July 16, 2019

One of the largest providers of renewable energy project development in North America turns to Opensense to standardize signatures, drive engagement and promote quality Webinar sign-ups.

EDF Renewables North America is a market leading independent power producer and service provider with over 30 years of expertise in renewable energy and 16 gigawatts of developed projects across wind, solar and storage. EDF's marketing team wanted to upgrade their email signature attack to make sure everyone had a beautiful, branded signature. 


Additionally, the EDF team wanted to be better utilize the highly-targeted nature of their employees' email signatures with targeted . interactive banners  to share content, drive engagement, and build thought-leadership. EDF wanted emails that worked equally well on desktop and mobile devices, and across all platforms including iOS, Android, Gmail and Office365/Outlook. Because EDF uses Microsoft Active Directory for email account management, it needed a signature platform that and operated at the corporate server email level and integrated easily with this directory service. Naturally, EDF needed a product that would be easy for comms teams and non-technical users to run, without IT involvement. 


  • Beautiful, on-brand signatures for every employee
  • No changes in employee workflows or ongoing IT involvement
  • 20% increase in  webinar signups with higher quality attendees
  • 30% increase in customer engagement through emails
  • Efficient signature management capabilities - less than 30 minutes per week
  • Easy, fast creation of signature banners for campaigns focused on Sales, Operations, HR and Executive teams
  • Field-level editing for signatures for approved employees
  • Automatic signature information updates through Active Directory
  • Easy integration with Microsoft Office 365
  • Uniform, reliable disclaimer coverage for all regulated emails

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