Case Study: Why Cvent Switched to Opensense

January 21, 2021

The world's leading event management software vendor, Cvent replaces their email signature solution with Opensense. 

Keep reading below to learn the motivation behind the switch. Read the full Cvent Case Study here.

From Evaluation to Implementation

Christine Kelly, Marketing Technology and Automation Manager at Cvent, was tasked with evaluating Cvent’s existing email signature marketing platform, and through these efforts, she came to realize that there were other attractive options. According to Christine, "When I began evaluating different email signature marketing vendors, that's when I learned about Opensense."

Following a direct comparison between Cvent’s current solution and Opensense, it was clear that Opensense offered in-depth data and tracking functionality, while also providing white-glove service and support. “The analytics and reporting capabilities that Opensense offered were major factors that influenced our decision to bring their technology into our marketing stack. In addition, the partnership role they provided throughout the evaluation process put a spotlight on their customer-first approach and illustrated how committed they were to our success.” 

During the implementation process, Opensense's Solutions team worked closely with Cvent’s IT team to ensure a seamless transition and onboarding experience. "The Opensense team worked alongside us every step of the way. They answered our questions, addressed our concerns, and made sure we were set up for success." 

The Cvent team was impressed with the fact that, unlike most solutions, Opensense was not a plugin. According to Christine, "we struggled with having to constantly update the plugin – which would not only impact our workload but would also impact the live signatures. We had double banners and other technical issues that we had to workaround. With Opensense, you put the tag in the signature, and it works seamlessly." Providers that are built on the plugin model lack multi-recipient tracking, and as a result, offer little to no data at the contact-level. 

Opensense, on the other hand, has a vast number of integrations that make it possible to build and launch powerful campaigns with in-depth reporting and tracking capabilities. Christine adds, "Integrations are great, but with the right technology partner and support systems, the business opportunities are elevated. Opensense works with all of our technology solutions, so we can launch multiple targeted campaigns across different groups and departments – with very minimal effort. The simplicity of it can’t be overstated. Our sales team doesn't have to do anything. They can focus on selling, and we manage the signatures for them."

Since transitioning to Opensense, the Cvent team can capture more in-depth insights." Today, we're able to get an accurate and detailed look into every single email that is sent across our organization. We’ve also trained our marketing team on the calendar functionality, reporting, and the bulk editing feature – which is my personal favorite." 

For companies seeking an email signature management solution, Christine recommends the following: "Take some time out to first map out your goals and KPIs and discuss with each vendor how they can support your marketing campaigns to drive results. Then understand where your data lives within each system and how easily you can capture actionable insights. Opensense was a great match for us at Cvent because they understood the complexities of our business and could easily manage and organize the seamless flow of data between our systems – offering us a more in-depth look into our performance metrics."

Check out the signature that Christine and the team at Cvent is currently sporting. 


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