Goofy OOO Templates for Your Thanksgiving Break

November 21, 2022

‘Tis the season before the season where everyone’s on a mission to make the most of our days off by tacking a few PTO days on either side and maximizing our time away from work. Whether you’re planning a Thanksgiving trip away or simply looking forward to a quiet break from the chaos of work for a few days, you deserve to squeeze every last drop of relaxation out of your OOO time.

But as many of us know, escaping the hamster wheel of work emails, Slack messages, and Teams notifications is easier said than done. Not to worry, though, avoiding the call of the burnout void is made a whole lot easier with a little help from out of office responses.

Leading up to the busy holiday season and especially during Thanksgiving, OOO responses are a great way to spread cheer via good vibes and friendly reminders that it’s really really important to take time away from work once in a while. We’ve put together a collection of effective out of office responses that you can use to keep your network in check and communicate your outage in style. 

These signatures are especially great for anyone whose office culture promotes authenticity, honesty, and a sense of humor. Without further ado…here are # gratitude-packed OOO templates you can use this Thanksgiving: 

Subject Line: The Crock Pot is Calling

After a mouthwatering 8 hours, dinner is finally ready, and it smells so good, I’d be shocked if you couldn’t smell it through the screen.

While I’m away enjoying meals like this one with my family this Thanksgiving, I hope you’re able to do the same. 

In the event that something urgent arises, kindly tell it to wait a few more days until I’m back at my desk on [date]. 

If it can’t wait, you can reach out to [name] for assistance.


Betty Crocker

Er, I mean, [name]

Subject Line: BRB, I’m Still Digesting

Look, I know we all claim to stuff ourselves to the limit at Thanksgiving dinner but this year, I discovered a whole new level of stuffed. 

I’ll need another few days to recover (and get through the rest of the leftovers, duh), but you can trust that I’ll be back at my computer on [date]. 

If you happen to need something before then, well, grab your favorite snack and pull up a chair because you might be waiting a while. 

Just kidding - you can reach out to [name] who is kind and generous enough to step in when I am unable. Thanks [name], IOU!

Gobble Gobble,

[Email Signature]

Subject Line: It’s all gravy OOO!

This Thanksgiving, I’m taking some much deserved time away from my medium-sized office screen to binge festive holiday movies on my oversized living room screen. 

Turns out, this is the life! 

I plan to be out of office through [date], which is barely enough time to get through all # seasons of [favorite TV show], but alas, you can expect a prompt response once I’m back at my desk. 

‘Til then, I hope your holiday is as ridiculously relaxing as mine!

Gobble ‘til you wobble - 

[Email Signature]

Subject Line: GR8FUL 4 PTO

Nothing but facts here, friend. 

I’m OOO for a few days over Thanksgiving break.

Here’s my list of things I’m MOST grateful for this year: 

  1. PTO, because I really needed a break from work
  2. YOU, because you didn’t get mad when you found out I was OOO by way of this bounceback response
  3. [NAME], because they’re covering for em while I’m OOO
  4. [FOOD], because it’s [food], that’s why
  5. Christmas, because it means I get more time OOO in a month

What’s on your list? 


[Email Signature]

Subject Line: OOO - Chopping Down A Tree

Because there’s no better time to prepare for Christmas than during Thanksgiving break. 

I’m out of office and taking a few days to kick back and relax with my family as we put up Christmas decorations. 

Did I say kick back and relax? What I meant was I’m taking a few days to scream at my family as we attempt to get boxes down from the attic without hurting each other, choose a tree that isn’t too tall or fat or green or smelly, and agree on who gets to tug on this year’s wishbone.

Oh, the joys of the holidays, am I right?  

If my family doesn’t decide to leave me at the Christmas tree farm, I’ll be back on [date]. 

In the meantime, you can reach out to [name] if something urgent comes up. 

Happy Almost Christmas!

[Email Signature]

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