How Your Favorite Spooky Season Icons Leverage Email Signatures

October 24, 2022

It’s hashtag spooky season, and we all know what that means…spiked cider and heated debates about whether or not candy corn is garbage? Yes. But also, it means it’s time to inject traditional marketing tactics with something a bit more…thrilling. 💉

And since our team at Opensense is basically obsessed with all things Halloween, we thought we’d spare you from wanting to bury yourself alive by bringing you some sweet-as-candy inspiration for fresh, engaging marketing tactics this season.

Irresistibly Spooky Signatures [+ Examples] 

One of the best ways our team knows how to make the most of any season is through email signature marketing. This subtle-yet-effective marketing channel is one of the easiest ways you can engage with your audience and network without having to terrorize their inbox. By leveraging communications that you’re already selling (employee email), you can create a mouthwatering marketing campaign tailored to every ghost, ghoul, witch, and wizard on your contact list.

To exemplify some of the most innovative and frighteningly effective ways you can utilize email signature marketing this holiday season, some of our very favorite Halloween staples have stepped up to the plate to put their incredible email marketing signatures on display: 

Gomez Addams | The Addams Family

Famously spooky lawyer and patriarch of the Addams family - Gomez Addams - knows exactly how to leverage his status as an eccentric, optimistic billionaire to get what he wants. Despite his best efforts, though, he struggles to convince others of his own ability to find success.

That is, of course, until he makes a few profound adjustments to his email signature in order to put his best offerings on display. 

Gomez Addams Email Signature

The Sanderson Sisters | Hocus Pocus & Hocus Pocus 2

Taking advantage of their resurrected status as ultra-famous witches thanks to this season’s hottest sequel release, the Sanderson Sisters have found new ways to cast a spell on their email list through email signature marketing.

In order to get revenge on the people of Salem, Winifred, Mary, and Sarah have opted for a mischievously clever email signature banner to really enchant their target audience and trick them into putting this trio in a position of power. 

Hocus Pocus Email Signature

Shaggy Rogers | Scooby Doo

On a mission to find and fight crime with his best pals and loyal pup, Shaggy and his gang often find themselves bamboozled in the end. In an effort to avoid spending Halloween on-call (when he’d much rather be trick-or-treating for Scooby Snacks, of course), he’s leveraging his email signature to attract local criminals and keep them occupied and out of the way for the night.

Priorities, right? 

Scooby Doo Email Signature

Sweeny Todd | The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Revenge is his middle name, and Sweeny Todd is on a mission to show Fleet Street he means business. In an effort to terrorize his town and teach them all a lesson, he teams up with his neighbor, Mrs. Lovett, to plot some truly terrible revenge.

This Halloween, Todd is using his email signature to lure even more victims to his barbershop for a little trim by incentivizing them to stop in…

Sweeny Todd Email Signature

If Sweeny Todd, Shaggy, the Sanderson Sisters, and Gomez can figure out how to make email signature marketing work for them, you can too. If you haven't had enough of spooky email signatures, head on over here ( if you dare).

Not sure where to start? Schedule a personalized demo to see how Opensense can make your email marketing campaigns less like a trick, and more like a treat. 

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