New Outreach Features: "Touchless" Onboarding of Email Signature and Banner Users

February 20, 2020 is one of the fastest growing companies in the marketing and sales technology space. A growing number of Outreach users are also using Opensense. (And Outreach is one of our favorite customers, as well).

That’s why we are so thrilled to announce new features that make managing Opensense email signatures and signature banners in Outreach ridiculously easy.

These new features also have unique functionality you will not find with any other email signature marketing platform!

We are calling this new feature package for Outreach “Touchless Onboarding”

No Cut, No Paste, No Hassles, No User Actions Required

With Touchless Onboarding, we enabled patent-pending “Push” technology on the Outreach platform. (The Outreach team actually requested and beta-tested the feature!)

Using Touchless Onboarding, Outreach admins can instantly add Opensense to company-wide or group templates for email signatures, giving all Outreach users Opensense in seconds. Users will automatically be provisioned and set up with Opensense signatures and banners - without having to make any changes or type a single character.

This means that every sales rep will automatically get on-brand, beautiful email signatures paired with real-time personalized and targeted email banners. End-users don’t have to cut and paste or upload any signatures. Touchless Onboarding "just works" for all emails going out of Gmail, Salesforce, and Outreach.

Marketers can rejoice because all signatures are wearing the right “uniform” and have the right look and feel. No more worries about compliance or rogue signatures! IT admins will never again have to do one-off adds and updates of email signatures for Outreach users.

Unlike any other email signature management platform, Opensense automatically updates both signatures and banners to all users whenever the admins want to make a change.

Here's a Demo

This video shows you how you can set up the new Opensense + Outreach integration in less than 3 minutes.

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Here’s how it works in three easy steps:

  1. Import - Upload a CSV of Outreach users along with their appropriate signature meta-data. This can be 10 users or 10,000. We can handle it.
  2. Validate - Preview the content in the “My Signatures” and ensure fields are appropriately mapped and data is correct.
  3. Push - Press the button on the ‘Push to Outreach’ function
Opensense email signature banners push to Outreach


And here’s what the Outreach team said about the update in LinkedIn (We were so thrilled).







Check out the integration page and talk to your Outreach representative about getting your marketing team hooked up with this sweet Opensense email signature banner integration.

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