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Product Update: Improvements to Opensense on Salesforce AppExchange

March 22, 2019

Salesforce is one of our marquee users, with 18,000 employees sporting Opensense signature marketing banners. We also have a number of customers that use our Salesforce AppExchange apps for email signature marketing and signature management. As part of our ongoing improvements to the product (we are rolling new features weekly), we just landed some improves to the AppExchange app. Those include:

  • An updated UI/UX with better usability, cleaner interface and clearer workflows
  • Added platform features such as inline imaging, advanced account based marketing (ABM) targeting, Salesforce Pusher for quick and accurate distribution of signatures.
  • Improved signatures for Salesforce Service Cloud and Sales Cloud, allowing for more flexibility and better interactivity.
  • Multi-brand signature hosting for Service Cloud customers so they can easily segment signature branding if they host multiple brands of their own
  • Advanced personalization of signatures based on attributes of Salesforce Object that the email is associated with (Lead, Contact, Account, Service Case etc)

Salesforce is one of the most vibrant communities for sales and marketing teams and its users are constantly looking for better and more powerful technology solutions to their challenges. We're proud to help them with email signature marketing and management capabilities that will drive success, on any device and any platform, with no cumbersome plug-ins or agents. On Opensense, everything email signatures 'just works' and you can do nearly everything you need in our platform. If you are a Salesforce user and want to learn more, drop us a line - Thanks!

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