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Salesforce Lightning for Outlook and Gmail

August 1, 2017

What is Salesforce Lightning?

The word "Lightning" is used in many context within Salesforce.

Salesforce Lightning for Outlook and Gmail

Over the last couple of years we have had people ask us why we don't create tools for things like mail-merging, templating and Salesforce record syncing. Tools from companies such as Outreach, SalesLoft, Yesware, or Toutapp provide such functionality and many people like them. Our answer is multi-faceted:


  1. We want to focus on core email transformations and analytics
  2. Mail merge/templates is commoditized and there are plenty of great free/cheap tools to do it
  3. Salesforce will eventually build these features into their own product, so why waste our time? Let's focus on the best data and analytics.

What happened?

It looks like #3 has happened. Salesforce has released two beautiful new tools. Lightning for Outlook and Lightning for Gmail. Both are plugins that you can install today if you are a customer of Salesforce. We believe these plugins are different than the old plugins that were related to RelateIQ.

Do I need to have Lightning enabled on on Salesforce Org?

No, if you are still using classic mode, lightning for outlook and gmail should still work.

What is the difference between Lightning for Outlook and Salesforce for Outlook?

Lightning for Outlook is the newer and better version. If you install it, it will automatically disable the old Salesforce for Outlook plugin. See here:

Which Email Integration is right for your company?

Salesforce has a great matrix here that talks about the various email integration tools:

Can Opensense work with these tools?

Yes! Opensense signatures will work with all of them. Email templates can also be configured with the Opensense signature.

Opensense email tracking will also seamlessly work with all the tools, so you get the best of all worlds -- Super simple Salesforce related workflows, and our powerful multi-recipient email tracking.

Does Opensense work with emails sent from a Salesforce Org?

Yes! We are in the final stages of approval with the AppExchange. We will make an announcement when it's officially listed.

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