Senior Living Email Signatures: A Checklist for Success

May 23, 2024

Email remains the cornerstone of communication across marketing platforms, facilitating brands in fostering connections and nurturing relationships with their clients—senior citizens and their families. As these clients navigate the search for the perfect care home, they seek guidance and assurance.

With projections indicating 80 million Americans aged 65 and older by 2040, the need for clarity and efficiency across communications is more important than ever (source: Urban Institute). Every brand impression counts in the digital age, so email signatures have emerged as an opportunity for brands to continue building a foundation of credibility and trust.

Harness the power of 1:1 email to showcase why your senior living home merits consideration. Opensense simplifies this process by transforming employee emails into impactful channels. Demonstrate your facility’s unwavering commitment to excellence through thousands of monthly communications. If you've yet to capitalize on the potential of this marketing vehicle, a world of opportunity awaits.

How can you seize this opportunity? Utilize the ad space beneath each email signature to promote campaigns and initiatives that underscore your brand's value. Incorporate headshots, ratings and reviews, accreditations, alliances, services, locations, social media links, and more into your email signature. This allows you to enhance client accessibility without constant upkeep or investment.

Are you looking to align your email signatures with the ethos of your senior care facility? It’s easier than ever to exude professionalism, instill confidence in your target audience, and elevate your facility’s brand. With this checklist, you can easily audit your email signatures and heighten their reach, ensuring that every email sent reflects your brand's values and commitment to excellence.

Email Signature Audit Checklist: Tap Into Opportunity

Use these checkpoints to sharpen your email signature marketing strategy and help employees make the most of every email and connection they make.

Display your logo and headshots

As potential clients and their families “interview” facilities to find the right fit, showing up clearly and consistently is vital. Are old or outdated versions of your organization’s logo still lingering throughout employee email signatures? Maybe your logo is blurry or shows up as an attachment. Inconsistent use of your company’s logo is a missed opportunity to make a positive, lasting brand impression. Beyond your logo, ensure your employees have up-to-date headshots. With most communication happening via email, a picture of your employees will go a long way in humanizing your brand and showcasing the faces of the people that your clients are interfacing daily, reinforcing trust and connection.

Incorporate social links

It’s easy to think care homes or senior living facilities have no business showing up on social media. After all, elderly prospects probably don’t spend much time on Instagram. But imagine families' delight in keeping up with their loved one’s community online. Social media might be an essential part of your marketing strategy, and if so, it’s important to make relevant links accessible to potential clients. Listing social media channels in email signatures makes it easy for clients to explore and share your social presence. But be careful; just because your brand has a social account doesn’t mean it’s active - or worth linking to. Stick to the channels that provide value, if any, to ensure this component of your email signature works for you and not against you.

Maintain brand consistency

We’ve already acknowledged the importance of maintaining consistency throughout your email signature. But beyond a consistent logo, keeping all information, links, fonts, and listed accreditations up to date is another way to maintain overarching brand consistency. This will make it easier for your audience to find what they’re looking for and trust that you’re an attentive brand. When selecting design elements and content for your email signature campaigns, ensure that all employees maintain updated, accurate versions for maximum success.

‍Incorporate fresh CTAs and relevant links

Your organization can leverage email signatures to promote essential initiatives or topics relevant to individual senders—in fact, we recommend it. But what happens when a CTA is outdated or features a broken link? Regularly updating your email signatures will help maintain consistency and incorporate new content, increasing engagement and opportunities for connection with your target audience.

Highlight updated alliances, ratings, and awards

There’s no better—or more tasteful—place to spotlight your alliances, ratings, and awards than within your email signature. Whether you’d like to vary signatures based on the sender or incorporate your relevant alliances (like housing commissions, a handicap symbol, or  LGBTQ+ representation), email signatures allow you to do so quickly. This is a great way to showcase your best reviews, most desirable alliances, and more.

Email Signature Success for Senior Living Brands

So, what does it look like when senior living facilities and care homes take advantage of the opportunity to project brand consistency throughout their email signatures? Prospects can easily access ratings, reviews, accreditations, awards, affiliations, contact information, and press. This results in increased engagement and trust, leading to better, more fruitful conversations via email. What could your organization do with increased email inquiries and better buzz? 

Resources for Effective Email Strategy

How can you leverage your email volume with potential clients, families, and vendors? You can tap into the examples above to get started, plus:

Playbook: Creating First-Rate Digital Experiences for Senior Living Brands

Take note of detailed and actionable next steps that you can use to reach and engage with your ideal target audience.

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