These 3 Email Signatures are the Ultimate Ho-Ho-Holiday Inspiration

December 16, 2020

The holidays are upon us, and what better way to get into the festive mood than some merry email signatures and the ad banners that accompany them. You’re probably thinking, What kind of bah-humbuggery is this? I’d rather watch snow melt than read about email signatures...

Here’s our take - email signatures are like gift wrap for email. They come in different colors and designs. Everyone wants to open them - and why not? They’re usually hiding a fun surprise - be it an ebook, an invite, or SaaS holiday prize. 

Grab your mug of Baileys hot chocolate and get inspired by these sleigh-worthy signatures.

Buddy the Elf
The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loudly for all to hear. Or maybe don a festive email signature to delight all of your peers. 

We’ll bet you a bowl of maple syrup and Pop-tart spaghetti that once you're back in the office, you’d actually click that banner and go caroling with Buddy. 

And if you don’t - you’re just a cotton-headed ninny muggins.

The Grinch
A dazzling email signature can kick anyone into the holiday spirit, even Mr. Grinch. 

"How could it be so? It came with ribbons; it came with tags. It came with CTA's, targeting, attribution, and most of all, on-Brand!?" Yes, Mr. Grinch - that's the power of Opensense email signature ad banners. Check out how the Grinch is using his signature to promote his latest eBook. Who wants to steal Christmas when you can steal some serious engagement from 1:1 email. 

Even Santa will wonder how you magically slipped into all those inboxes, gift-wrapped and all. 

The Rugrats 
Nothing reminds us more of Chanukah than lighting menorahs, spinning dreidels, and of course, story time with good-ole-Grandpa Boris. 

A childhood favorite, Tommy Pickles (aka. Baby Judah), is spending his holiday saving his grandpa from his old rival “the Meanie of Chanukah” (aka. Schlomo). As Baby Judah would say, “a Macca-baby’s got to do what a Macca-baby’s got to do.” 

In this case, a Macca-baby’s using a fire signature to wish his friends a Bright and Happy Chanukah.

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