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How Snowflake Scaled it’s Complex ABM Program with Opensense + RollWorks

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Email Ad Campaigns
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4.82% click through rate with 287,713 impressions for Snowflake’s Data Cloud World Tour Event email ad banner with goal to get more registrations.


6.9% click through rate with 141,054 impressions for banner ad with goal to get post-event engagement and interest.


Launch Targeted Email Ad Campaigns
that align with Snowflake ABM strategy
with RollWorks ABM Platform
Unified Branding
and control across employee email
Simple, Centralized Management
of signatures and ABM email ad campaigns
Exceptional and Reliable
customer support
Seamless Transition
and onboarding experience

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The marketing team at Snowflake was heavily invested in a complex ABM strategy with a goal to drive high-impact, multi-touch marketing initiatives into top-tier accounts. The team responsible for developing and launching thousands of personalized campaigns across their target accounts do so in a hyper-relevant approach, “delivering the most impactful message to the right people at the right time,“ says Hillary Carpio, Director of Account-Based Marketing. 

After breaking the record for the largest software IPO in history in September 2020, Snowflake continued on its high-growth trajectory. This introduced a new challenge: how could they scale their marketing efforts to keep up with the demand while delivering the best possible experience to their buyers. Rosa Yoo, ABM Marketing Manager, shares, “The biggest challenge we faced was scalability. We had a desire to do multichannel marketing but didn’t have an easy or obvious way to do so.”


The ABM Dilemma: Solving for Scale

The ABM team at Snowflake was on the hunt for an email signature solution that was flexible, user-friendly, and could enhance their existing techstack. Before using Opensense to manage employee email signatures, the team worked with another email signature vendor. Rosa shares, “we had used a tool previously that proved the value of email signature marketing, but ran into roadblocks when it came to not only scale, but keeping brand and messaging up to date at scale.” 

After researching alternative ABM-friendly email signature solutions, the team discovered Opensense. "For us, a major selling point was that I didn't have to set up licenses and install one by one and instead do it at the server level," said Rosa.

At Opensense, building a frictionless, turn-key customer experience for every stakeholder is a priority. "I had a 1-hour training session after we onboarded with Opensense, and that was enough for me to feel comfortable with the tool. You don't need to code or require any special skills. The platform is flexible enough where our global team of ABMers can get involved,” Rosa shares.

"You can make quick wins happen often. As we move through the year, we can share different pieces of content, videos, blogs, eBooks, guides, and then we can easily see what kind of content gets the most impressions and engagement."
Rosa Yoo
ABM Marketing Manager at Snowflake


Scaling ABM with Opensense + RollWorks Integration

Like many ABM Marketing Pros, Rosa is taking Snowflake's ABM campaigns to the next level by tapping into Opensense and RollWorks integration. This powerful combination helps marketers orchestrate their ABM campaigns across employee email and digital display ads. 

With the Opensense and RollWorks integration, Snowflake’s ABMers can manage their Opensense email ad campaigns all within their RollWorks ad platform, “Our team is managing thousands of campaigns and we needed solutions that worked better together.”

Managing a bespoke and customized ABM program is not an easy feat. In fact, it’s far from it. It requires balancing various teams assigned to different accounts for a multitude of initiatives. The most successful programs take it one step further, catering the buyer's journey to serve geographies, industries, personas. This drives up costs, increases complexity, and introduces a new set of challenges for even the most sophisticated and high-performing ABM teams. Snowflake’s team, on the other hand, found an easy way past this. 

With the Opensense and RollWorks solution, Rosa and her team were able to scale their programs with little friction, “We had 8 global signature variations running simultaneously across Snowflake’s emails and served a mix of ad banners promoting different events, content and campaigns. Many of these have layers of personalization like region and persona. The banners generate tons of interest throughout the full cycle of promotion. It's been a time saver for us and made my life much easier.”

Over the past few quarters, Rosa and her team used Opensense email signatures and RollWorks display ads to run a mix of campaigns that drove traffic to their regional events and content, among other initiatives. Many of these campaigns were launched simultaneously across 8 global signature variations. Check out the metrics below.

Snowflake Summit 2022 Metrics

Goal: Post-event engagement and interest
Target: Department and customers
Total delivered: 66,296 Banners
Total Impressions: 141,054

Goal: Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour Event Registrations
Department + Regional Targeting
Total delivered: 142,744
Total Impressions: 287,713
CTR: 4.82%

According to Rosa, "Opensense can be as successful as you are willing to make it. The sky is the limit. You can achieve much more than you imagine if you are creative and agile. Our team alone found many different use cases - with ABM, events, video content, and content connected to the buyer's journey, to create noise, build buzz, and deliver value. You can make quick wins happen often. As we move through the year, we can share different pieces of content, videos, blogs, eBooks, guides, and then we can easily see what kind of content gets the most impressions and engagement." 

Seal The Deal With Opensense + RollWorks

By targeting specific accounts and using custom banners, you can deliver a more personalized and effective message that speaks directly to the needs of each decision-maker.

Scale your ABM program by leveraging employee email as an ABM channel and take your account-based marketing strategy to new levels. And with Opensense and RollWorks, marketing teams can orchestrate unified messaging with targeted prospects across digital display advertising and employee email campaigns. 

Get in touch today and we’ll help you get started! 

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