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The Intersection of Privacy, AI and People with Alan Wilemon
In our second episode of Comply or Die! podcast, we embark on a journey to unlock the universe of privacy with Alan Wilemon, the Director at INQ Consulting, a veteran in the field, and an authentically vocal advocate for data privacy. Tune in for insights on privacy, AI, and their intersection with people.
February 16, 2024

In the vast cosmos of digital existence, privacy stands as the guardian constellation, often unnoticed until it's critically needed. 

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Comply or Die! podcast, where our host, Jass Binning, embarks on a journey to unlock the universe of privacy. Our guest is Alan Wilemon, a veteran in the field and an authentically vocal advocate for data privacy. 

Alan is a seasoned privacy expert with extensive experience in leading privacy policies at major healthcare brands like Stellar Health, Shriners Children's, and ModMed. Currently, he is serving as the Director at INQ Consulting

Alan joins us on Comply or Die! to provide insights on privacy, compliance, and their intersection with people. Most privacy discussions can get technical, but this conversation takes a human-centered viewpoint. In this episode, we discuss:

🌌 The role of pop culture in privacy awareness

🌌 Privacy by design (& how to take a people-first approach)

🌌 The importance of privacy in today's digital world

🌌 The role of AI in privacy and compliance

Alan also reflects on his passion for making privacy fun. He explores the connection between privacy and pop culture and how it helps make privacy discussions relatable to everyone. Because, despite the rapid evolution of technology, it's people who are at the heart of privacy and compliance issues. 

Whether you're a privacy professional or just someone intrigued by the labyrinth of data protection, this episode has got something for everyone!

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