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The Power of People in Defending the Digital Space with George Finney

May 10, 2024

In the intricate chess game of cybersecurity, where kings and queens are often depicted as firewalls and encryption, it's easy to forget about the humble pawns - the people. These pieces, though seemingly insignificant, hold great power to protect the realm or leave it vulnerable to attack. It's a stark reminder that in the fight against cyber threats, humans are not just players but the very heart of the game.

That’s why we’re excited to welcome George Finney, a luminary in the world of cybersecurity, to the Comply or Die! podcast. As the Chief Security Officer at Southern Methodist University and the CEO & Founder of Well Aware Security, George brings a wealth of experience to the table. George is a CISO, author, keynote speaker, professor, and consultant who believes that people are the solution to every cybersecurity problem. 

He has worked in cybersecurity for nearly 20 years and has helped startups, global telecommunication firms, and nonprofits improve their security posture. He also teaches future defenders at Southern Methodist University, has authored several cybersecurity best-selling books, including Project Zero Trust and Well Aware, and is the host of The Well Aware Security Show.

In this episode, our co-host Alan Wilemon sits down with George for a discussion that redefines the cybersecurity narrative, focusing on:

🔥 The Undervalued Power of People in Cybersecurity

🔥 Empathy as a Strategic Tool

🔥 How to Build a Cyber-Savvy Culture

🔥 What is Zero Trust Strategy (& its misconceptions)? 

This episode is a compelling testament to the power of human connection in the face of digital adversity. It's a call to action for all of us to recognize and harness our collective potential to secure not just data and networks, but the very fabric of our interconnected lives. And with visionaries like George leading the charge, we're inspired to rethink our strategies and bolster our defenses with the most critical asset at our disposal - ourselves. 

Tune in to this eye-opening discussion that pushes the boundaries of what it means to comply (or die) in today’s digital age.

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