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Welcome to Growth Marketing Camp, a podcast powered by Opensense, where we sit down with leaders and founders from diverse backgrounds in marketing, tech, and beyond to explore what it takes to build a leading brand that’s shaping the world of B2B.

Interviews with market leaders
Building a Balanced Economic Model That Supports Growth and People with Bryan Karas
This week, on Growth Marketing Camp’s Founder Stories, Bryan Karas, Founder and CEO of Playbook Media (& GrowTal), joins us to share the journey that's led him to start his company and drops some key growth-centered advice for earlier-stage B2C/D2C businesses who’ve hit a plateau. Dig in!
November 8, 2022
Jelena Djordjevic
How to Build Brand Loyalty Through ABM, Customer Marketing and Evangelism with Nick Bennett from Alyce
In this week's episode of Growth Marketing Camp, we chat with Nick Bennett about all things ABM, Customer Marketing, and Evangelism. Nick shares the story of what it takes to build a strong personal brand and a community of die-hards (& how Alyce leverages it), how to collaborate with B2B influencers to create content, and provides practical tips on how to get started. Check it out!
November 2, 2022
Jelena Djordjevic
How To Establish and Measure Brand Trust with Vena Solutions’ Tamara Kitić Yarovoy
In our newest Growth Marketing Camp episode, Tamara Kitić Yarovoy, the Director of Demand Generation at Vena Solutions, shares insights on how to measure the ROI of community. Tamara uncovers the reasons behind Vena’s company-wide shift from MQL to the MQA approach, how she’s leading and supporting it, and how she’s aligning this transition with ABM. Check it out!
October 18, 2022
Jelena Djordjevic
From Podcasting to Partnerships (And Everything in Between) with Logan Lyles
In this week's episode of Growth Marketing Camp, we chat with Logan Lyles, Head of Partnerships at Teamwork, about all things podcasting. Logan shares his love for the podcast world and how he started off his career; What it took for him to find his voice and how he built a strong personal brand on LinkedIn with a large network of around 15k raving fans. If you want to learn what it takes to ride the podcast train, you’re in the right place. Check it out!
October 11, 2022
Jelena Djordjevic
How to Build a Standout Cybersecurity Brand with Lauren Kersanske from Axonius
This week on Growth Marketing Camp, Bobby Narang and Lauren Kersanske, Principle Growth Marketer at Axonius, chat about Axonius’ differentiation strategy, the key to building a recognizable brand (that drives demand), and how to connect and resonate with your target audience. Check it out!
October 4, 2022
Jelena Djordjevic
Uncovering The Origin Story Of Beam Content with Brooklin Nash
Welcome to a very special and first of many more to come episode of Growth Marketing Camp. We’re kicking off Growth Marketing Camp’s Founder Stories series, where we interview our favorite founders, pick their brains, and ask them to reveal all of their secrets to our audience. And who better to start off this special series with than Brooklin Nash, Co-Founder & CEO at Beam Content. Tune in!
September 20, 2022
Jelena Djordjevic

Meet the Camp Counselors

Jass Binning

Director of Marketing
I’m Jass, Growth Marketing Camps’ newest co-host. If I’m not swapping stories and roasting virtual marshmallows with inspiring brand builders, you’ll find me working with my fantastic team building the Opensense brand, where I’m Director of Marketing. I like short walks to the local shops, all kinds of ramen (instant & authentic), and my coffee habits make up 80% of my personality, but if you’ve tuned into my episodes, you already knew that ;)

Bobby Narang

Founder & CCO
I’m Bobby, an OG host at Growth Marketing Camp. I am also Founder & CCO at Opensense. I spend my days working closely with all of the business units at the company, growing and nurturing our accounts and maximizing the value they receive day in and day out. I’m a people person, DC sports fanatic, and most importantly, a proud father to my new born, Dev.

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