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The Email Signature Management Landscape of Companies

Compare Us To Our Competitors

We believe an educated buyer is our best customer. Competition spurs us to be better and build better things. Below is a list of companies that we have run across when talking to prospects. There are a handful of email signature management companies out there. We encourage you to check them all out and get demos.

Company Description Location  Links
Opensense  That’s us! Formerly known as SenderGen. Office 365, G-Suite, Salesforce, Dynamics++ San Francisco, US G2
Exclaimer  Office 365 focus. Now G-Suite  Farnborough, UK Compare
CodeTwo  Exchange/Office 365 focus Jelenia Góra, PL Compare
Sigstr  G-mail/G-Suite focus though they have plugins for Outlook/Mac etc Indianapolis, US  Compare
Rocketseed  Office 365 focus. Sigstr ONE seems to be a rebranded version of Rocketseed UK & S. Africa  Compare
WiseStamp   G-mail/G-Suite focus Tel Aviv, IL Compare
Black Pearl Mail  Office 365 and G-Suite, though most customers look like they are G-Suite Wellington, NZ Compare
Crossware  Office 365 focus. Legacy. Wellington, NZ Compare
Xink  Plugin based. Recently added mail routing for Office 365 Hellerup, DK Compare

Review Sites

Feel free to checkout our G2 Crowd reviews and Siftery listings as well!

Comments or Corrections

We will update this post with more companies as we come across them. We definitely have missed a bunch, but they don’t seem to target the enterprise space like we do. If you would like to be included in our list above or submit a correction, feel free to reach out to us.