4 Email Ad Banners for Boosting Revenue from Existing Customers

December 14, 2021

There are two primary ways to grow your business: acquire new accounts or re-engage current customers. Most businesses focus their efforts on the first, but we're going to shift our focus on the latter - I'll explain why.

If you didn't already know it, your existing network of customers is a goldmine of potential. If they've invested in you before, they're likely to invest in you again. Your customers already know your team and product so there is much less heavy lifting that needs to be done to move them along another path to purchase. 

 One could even argue the value in retaining and re-engaging current customers is greater than chasing new leads.

The data supports that statement in more ways than one.  

Eyeopening? I know. But before you bring in tools to jumpstart your account expansion efforts, it's important you ensure your customers are happy and achieving success with your product and your team. Because satisfied customers are more likely to explore new offers. 

If you've got happy customers, you're already halfway there!

Ready to start executing a strategy? Keep on reading to learn how you can optimize a channel you already use to nudge your customers in the right direction, and our picks on the top revenue-boosting offers you can start sending today.

Leverage everyday email to entice your existing network 

For most in B2B, email continues to serve as the preferred choice of direct communication with customers. Think of all the emails your customer-facing teams send each day to...

  • Troubleshoot problems with products or services
  • Alert customers of new product offerings
  • Offer discounts or promotions
  • Provide or receive feedback
  • Ask and answer questions

The list of scenarios goes on and on. Below each handwritten email, tucked within employee email signatures, you have an opportunity to deliver branded, useful, targeted content and offers to your customers.

Email ad banners (check out the example below) are the email signature counterparts to display ad banners.  According to our stats, these babies receive between 4 - 7% CTR on average. That's 5x to 15x higher engagement rate than retargeted advertising and 50x to 150x higher than standard display ads!  

The best part? You can leverage this channel as a subtle yet cost-effective way to increase the lifetime value of your offerings, increase consumer retention, and bring in more revenue without breaking a sweat. We've included 4 examples below with email signature + email ad banner examples.

Upsell Customers Directly in Your Support Emails

Create marketing offers relevant to each customer segment. In this case, your customer support rep is emailing a customer on a lower tier, and the offer is enticing them to upgrade to pro. Brianna's email ad banner below highlights the "pro" features within reach if only her customer is willing to invest just a bit more. It's a non-pushy way to earn more from your existing clients.

She can focus her efforts on her normal comms, while her email ad banner plays the role of a salesperson.


Cross-sell complimentary products, services, and offers

Would you like fries with that? It's a classic tried and true strategy to get your customers to buy adjacent products or services. 

If your business offers multiple products or services options, use email ad banners to introduce them to your customers with a call-to-action to visit a landing page, video, or product sheet with more information.

Again, this is one of the best ways to promote offerings in a way that doesn’t feel pushy or sleazy. Recipients are likely to see the ad, feel intrigued, and click to learn more. In the example below, Jennifer's email ad banner promotes a social media marketing certification program to their target audience (Social Media Managers). 

This offer is both complimentary and helps Social Sense Inc establish itself as a leader in social media marketing. 


Highlight discounts during milestone events

Are your customers approaching a year with your product? Perhaps they are nearing a utilization threshold.

Display an email ad banner that offers a discount or helps make their decision to bump up their budget a bit easier. By incorporating your promotional offers into your email ad banner, you offer more personalized value than you would from launching social ads, email newsletters, and website displays.

With a tool like Opensense, you can target your email ad banners to display to a specific set of customers who are approaching that milestone event. Check out how Social Sense Account Manager, Rani is doing it. (P.S. nice touch, with the subtle animation ✌️). 

Signature (1)-1

Communicate seasonal promotions 1:1

During the holiday season, it can be difficult to break through the noise and spread the word on special seasonal promotions but with email ad banners, that's not an issue. As long as your customer success, account management, and tech support team is sending 1:1 emails to your customers, they'll get a chance to participate in seasonal offers. Your competitors? Well, their holiday promo, will likely get stuck inside the infamous promotions tab 😈 Bah Humbug!

Create your banners in festive colors and designs while remaining on-brand to maximize the seasonal spirit. Yuri's email ad banner below shows their brand with a festive twist.


Need a reason to send your customers an email so they have a chance to see your ad banners?

Wish them happy holidays, send them a survey, reach out with a gift card for coffee. The options are endless. If you’re in regular correspondence with them, they should see them anyway. 

If you want some ideas on the fun email ad campaigns we ran this year check out: The Ultimate 2021 B2B Email Ad Banner Playbook. Either way, we hope you walked away with some ideas for your own campaigns - email or beyond. Bye for now. 👋

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