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Building a Balanced Economic Model That Supports Growth and People with Bryan Karas

November 8, 2022

Welcome to another episode of Growth Marketing Camp’s Founder Stories series, where we interview our favorite founders, pick their brains, and ask them to reveal all of their secrets to our audience. 

Before launching his own business, Bryan Karas, Founder and CEO of Playbook Media (& GrowTal), worked at Facebook (now Meta), QuinStreet, and Marin Software, where he earned his stripes and sharpened his digital marketing skills. This week, Bryan joins us to share the journey that's led him to start his company and drops some key growth-centered advice for earlier-stage B2C/D2C businesses who’ve hit a plateau.  

He’ll answer the questions:

  • How can early-stage startups best approach channel expansion? 
  • How can you look outside of media to achieve growth? 
  • What the steps needed are to achieve success (& growth) profitably and sustainably

In addition, we touch on another component of Playbook Media, GrowTal - a marketplace that connects freelance marketing experts with businesses that need their talent. Through GrowTal, Bryan tears down artificial guardrails that favor profit over consumer (or worker). With that, you’ll learn his plan to build a better economic model.

Check it out!

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