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Inside Strategies for Community-Powered Growth with Daniel Cmejla from Apollo

May 7, 2024

Have you ever wondered how to grow your business through the power of community?

You’re in luck because today, we bring you Community Building 101 from a true powerhouse in building partnerships, community, and brand loyalty. We’re excited to welcome Daniel Cmejla, the VP of Community at Apollo, to Growth Marketing Camp.

Prior to joining Apollo, Daniel was the mastermind behind community, evangelism, and brand growth at Chili Piper and helped grow the Modern Sales Pros membership community from 1,000 to 14,000. Since joining Apollo, Daniel has helped fuel their company's LinkedIn page following from 800 to now 8,000 new followers a month and has built a rockstar community team.

In this episode, we delve into the innovative growth strategies behind this successful brand and offer a treasure trove of advice for marketers aiming to leave a lasting impression and drive brand growth and user acquisition. We discuss:

🔥 Community Building 101 (how & why of community marketing)

🔥 The art of employee advocacy (and how to foster a culture of creativity and support within teams)

🔥 Apollo’s LinkedIn strategy (& the unconventional yet effective marketing tactics that have led to impressive organic growth)

🔥 The genius behind the Customer Advisory Boards (& the importance of building deep customer relationships)

Daniel also pays tribute to influential figures in his career, reinforces the value of treating people with respect, and shares leadership lessons learned. Plus, he offers his guiding principle that true leadership in the marketing world is not about commanding, but empowering, serving, creating psychological safety, and lifting the team to realize their collective potential.

The episode is packed with creative marketing insights, personal anecdotes, and practical tips for all marketing professionals.

Fun Fact: Daniel walked on his treadmill desk for the whole interview, bringing a unique vibe to this chat. So tune in and enjoy!

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