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How Marketing Can Create Easy Conversations for Sales

May 17, 2022

Growth Marketing Camp, Ep. 54

It takes a special kind of superpower to predict when and where a problem might occur. In one moment, you can celebrate the launch of a product and, in a split second, find yourself in an avenue of problems. If there’s one company that understands how to easily navigate both scenarios, it’s LaunchDarkly.

Built by developers for developers with the goal of making their lives easier, LaunchDarkly has managed to cut through the noise with their product. They understand common obstacles along the product launch journey - and have built solutions to combat those pains.

In this week’s episode of Growth Marketing Camp, Maurice Maxwell, Digital Demand Manager at LaunchDarkly, joins us to share his growth story and the channels they focus on. Maurice talks about his favorite part of his job and why it’s important to optimize your LinkedIn profile. Plus, he shares why digital is a great starting place for analytical thinkers who want to have both an analytical and creative experience in their careers.

No matter the role you’re in, you’ll enjoy this episode. Dig in!

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Bobby Narang
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Maurice Maxwell
Digital Demand Manager