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That One Time Content Marketing Saved the World (for StackAdapt)

September 28, 2021

It’s every marketer’s worst nightmare that their entire database disappears overnight. And while that’s not exactly what happened to Christiana Marouchos and the StackAdapt marketing team in March of 2020, the impact of the pandemic was nearly as severe. The majority of their go-to-market motion relied on in-person value creation, and the company looked to Christiana for what to do next as their Director of Digital Marketing. She took hold of the digital-first opportunity and found ways to increase brand familiarity without the handshakes. Her team’s strategies paved the way for growth that’s taken StackAdapt beyond physical borders including new sales and support teams in the UK. Now get ready to be inspired by her story.

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Bobby Narang
Founder & CCO
Christiana Marouchos
Director of Digital Marketing