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The Power of Providing a Personalized Experience for Your Customers with Ryan Cormier

September 6, 2022

Kalkomey Enterprises, LLC is passionate about saving lives and keeping people safe through delivering high-quality education. And that same passion (plus being a massive lover of hunting, camping, hiking, and pretty much everything outdoorsy) brought Ryan Cormier to the company. 

As their Director of Digital Marketing, Ryan is leading the content team at Kalkomey Enterprises to support customer acquisition, activation, and retention across their portfolio of online safety education courses and their HuntWise app. 

Ryan Cormier joins us on this week’s episode of the Growth Marketing Camp podcast to share what his team’s top goals are, the ways they prioritize work to achieve them (& support other departments), and how they align with the rest of the company. In addition, we chat about the importance of making memories and setting your customers up for success and how they manage to do so at Kalkomey Enterprises. 

He also shares the story of why having a personal brand on LinkedIn is powerful, the opportunities it can bring you, and how it was instrumental in him getting the job he now has. 

Fun fact: If Ryan Cormier hadn’t chosen a path to marketing, he’d pursue his long-time passion and become a chef. So as a very special addition, he shares the similarities between cooking and marketing and how great experiences come from experimentation, pushing boundaries, and trying new things. So put on your hiking boots (or chef’s hat), and tune in!

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