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ABM and Evangelism: The Power Couple Redefining Success in Marketing with Corrina Owens

January 10, 2024

In our 100th episode, and very special milestone of Growth Marketing Camp, we are chatting about all things Account Based Marketing (with a sprinkle of Evangelism) with Corrina Owens, Chief Evangelist Officer at purple cork and ABM master.

We know that evangelism is all about the brand, customer, and positioning, all tied together into the unique role of an evangelist. But being an evangelist for any company, particularly B2B, is still pretty nebulous. But what if you marry your evangelist efforts with ABM and a dash of personal branding?

Now that’s when your company starts to see some real magic and massive success. And that is exactly how Corrina managed to stand out in the sea of marketers, making an impact and driving growth and success for the brands she works (& worked) with. 

In this captivating conversation, Corrina shares:

🔥 What ABM is (& why she fell in love with it)

🔥 The power of micro-communities as a key ABM strategy 

🔥 Why it’s essential to understand who is your best-fit customer (& how to build out a customer program from scratch)

🔥 How to reach an IT audience (Corrina uncovers a very well kept secret to our audience)

As always, we get personal and cover Corrina’s journey from being a teacher to absolutely crushing it as a marketer and how she became an aerial silk artist and discovered a passion for it. Tune into this episode and learn from Corrina that “Whatever success looks like for you, chase it, even if it feels weird.” 🙌

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