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B2B Marketing is Broken - Here's How Chris Walker Would Fix It

April 12, 2022

In our 50th episode, and very special milestone, of Growth Marketing Camp, we are identifying what’s broken in the B2B marketing world (& how to fix it) with the one and only Chris Walker, the CEO of Refine Labs.

Much like anything in life, you’re either breaking it or making it. There’s no in-between. Knowing that all too well, Chris Walker has opted to ditch the old school marketing playbook, and pave a new path for his own brand, Refine Labs. Since doing so, the Refine Labs brand has achieved unstoppable growth.

With a strong point of view, an engineer's mindset, and a holistic approach, he's found the weak links of B2B marketing and proposes a solution that can help B2B companies create a meaningful movement, and achieve the same growth for their brand. He’ll share tips on creating demand, the key to standing out and effectively capturing attention, and the importance of dark social.

This is going to be a fun one. Buckle up and enjoy!

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